Athens Finest Spa Hotels: Upscale Relaxation

My first trip to Athens left a lasting impression. The city blends history with modern elegance beautifully. The peaceful spas in upscale hotels were my favorite retreats. Athens’ luxury hotels with spa services mix ancient charm with today’s comforts perfectly.

Greece has always been known for wellness and sports achievements. Today, Athens’ luxury hotels have incorporated top-notch spa services. Now, about 80% of these hotels boast spa centers. Online booking for these peaceful places is growing fast, making it easy for travelers to find calm.

I can’t forget my stay at the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso Center, spanning over 37,000 sq. ft. Located along the Athenian Riviera, it’s a leader in luxury and wellness in Europe. The Apivita Beehive Spa focuses on natural treatments, using mostly organic ingredients. The Hammam Baths offer traditional steam baths in a beautiful marble setting, right in Athens’ core. These examples show why Athens’ spa hotels are a key part of its luxury scene.

Key Takeaways – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

  • 80% of luxury hotels in Athens offer spa centers as a major attraction.
  • Online reservations for spa facilities are becoming mainstream in Athens.
  • The Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso Center is one of Europe’s largest spas.
  • The Apivita Beehive Spa utilizes 85-100% natural ingredients in treatments.
  • The Hammam Baths Athens provide traditional steam baths and beauty services.
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Introduction to Athens’ Luxury Spa Scene – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

Discover a world where ancient healing and modern luxury combine in Athens’ spa hotels. The city is known for its history and culture. Now, it’s also a top spot for rejuvenation. Athens is home to exclusive spa resorts that blend old practices with today’s luxury.

Ever imagined soaking in thermal baths like the ancient Greeks? Athens’ top spa hotels make this dream a reality. Looking for high-tech wellness? Athens has it too. The city offers everything from unique spa treatments at premium hotels Athens Greece to high-end spa resorts.

In the Kolonaki area, luxury meets spa elegance, reminding many of London’s upscale Bond Street. It’s where you can shop at Hermès or Dior and relax at the city’s best spas. And don’t miss the Hytra in Onassis Stegi for Michelin-starred dining and spa luxury.

Many premium hotels Athens Greece are close to famous sites. Imagine relaxing at the GB Spa in the Hotel Grande Bretagne. Or have a facial with an ocean view at the Four Seasons Athens. The Divani Apollon offers special hydro treatments. At Vouliagmeni Lake, you can swim and sunbathe all year.

Athens is also great for luxury adventure seekers. The Athens Riviera has private yacht and helicopter rides. Don’t forget the iconic bars like GB Roof Garden and The Ziller’s Roof Garden.

Athens is a haven for those seeking wellness luxury. Whether you want the privacy of exclusive spa resorts Greece or central hotel convenience, Athens will not disappoint.

GB Spa at the Hotel Grande Bretagne – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

The Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens is a beacon of luxury, famous for its elegance and the exclusive GB Spa Grande Bretagne. Since its opening in 1874, it has welcomed famous guests like Elizabeth Taylor and Winston Churchill. Following a grand renovation in 2003 costing 82 million euros, it marries historical allure with modern luxury.

Spa Services and Amenities

The GB Spa offers cutting-edge wellness treatments. Guests can enjoy varied treatments, including a 90-minute Back, Face & Scalp Treatment priced at €187.00. They also offer a 111 Skin De-Puffing Energising Cryo Facial for skin revitalization.

The spa’s menu meets all tastes, available from 11:00 to 16:00 daily. Offerings include self-tanning, waxing, and makeup. There are also ESPA body wraps and massages, like the ESPA Balinese massage. For those seeking an all-out pampering, there are half-day and full-day packages.

Unique Features

The GB Spa is distinguished by its unique amenities, such as the Roman-inspired Couple’s Suite. Guests enjoy royal treatments with a serene atmosphere provided by the Amethyst Grotto and Herbal Steam Bath. The Hair Salon adds to the luxurious experience, while the Winter Garden City Lounge offers a calm setting with piano music.

For an enriching experience, don’t miss the hotel’s museum tour every Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00. Also, dining at the GB Roof Garden Restaurant or enjoying live food at Bar 8 is highly recommended.

Spa Services Details
Back, Face & Scalp Treatment 90 minutes, €187.00
111 Skin Cryo Facial Advanced rejuvenating effects
ESPA Body Wraps Six distinctive types
Full-Day Retreat Includes multiple therapies

The GB Spa delivers unmatched luxury and royal treatments. It perfectly combines the hotel’s historic charm with present-day luxury. A visit promises a memorable and extravagant experience.

Orloff Spa at Life Gallery Hotel – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

Life Gallery Hotel is a haven of luxury in Athens’ calm northern suburbs. It’s part of the esteemed “Small Luxury Hotels of the World.” This boutique spa in Ekali is a pinnacle of sophisticated hospitality and wellness.

Treatments and Facilities

At Orloff Spa Life Gallery, guests find their haven for tranquility and indulgence. The expert staff offer personalized treatments to restore your skin’s balance. They provide unique treatments like the Beauty Flash by Valmont and Ayurveda massage, meeting specific wellness needs.

There, you can also buy top skincare products from brands like Valmont and Cinq Mondes. The Greek Touch menu offers a local twist to the spa experience.

Spa Locations

Orloff Spa runs three notable spas in Athens: in Life Gallery hotel, Theoxenia Palace hotel, and the Academias hotel. Each offers a distinct atmosphere with treatments tailored to visitors’ desires.

The Life Gallery hotel spa shines with its quiet location away from Athens’ center. It’s a retreat for those seeking luxury and calm, welcoming both locals and tourists.

Life Gallery Hotel Theoxenia Palace Academias Hotel
Personalized face and body treatments Fully renovated in 2012 Located in the center of Athens
Exclusive spa deals and packages One of the best spa hotels in Greece Signature Orloff Spa treatments
Luxurious setting in northern suburbs Premium wellness and relaxation packages Convenient central location

Orloff Spa also offers unique specials like spa bachelorette packages and wellness gift certificates. It’s perfect for those who love boutique spa hotels in Athens.

Holmes Place Spa in Syntagma – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

Nestled in the center of Athens, Holmes Place Spa shines as a haven for those craving luxury spa services. Being part of the prestigious Holmes Place Athens health group, it merges premium fitness with total wellness solutions. This combination makes it a top choice for both tourists and local enthusiasts.

Holmes Place Spa in Syntagma

The spa boasts an array of top-notch facilities. Visitors can bask in the opulence of a 25m pool with a Jacuzzi. They also offer an advanced Gym and specially designed studios for Indoor Cycling and Pilates Reformer. Spa treatments and beauty services are precisely tailored to meet a wide range of needs.

Operating times are convenient for everyone. They’re open from 06:30 to 23:30 during the week. Then, 09:00 to 21:00 on Saturdays, and 10:00 to 19:00 on Sundays. You’ll find them at Voukourestiou & 4 Stadiou Str., offering various membership plans to fit your lifestyle.

Members get a lot of perks. They have unlimited entry, custom workout plans, and group fitness sessions. There’s full access to the pool & Jacuzzi, a towel service, and they can join the ‘My Bene-FIT’ rewards. A Start Well session helps each member set goals and assess their health for a personal fitness journey.

The spa’s values include balance, support, inclusion, and progress, evident in every service. The Holmes Place team, selected for their inspiring and motivational approach, helps guests reach their health goals. With strict Covid-19 protocols, they ensure a clean and safe environment.

Working exclusively with LI’TYA, an Australian brand, the spa uses nature-based, high-performance products. This partnership highlights their dedication to offering luxury spa services enriched with natural elements.

Indeed, Holmes Place Spa stands out in Athens for its lavish fusion of fitness and wellness. It’s a gem in the buzzing Syntagma area, waiting to be discovered.

Aegeo Spa at Electra Metropolis Hotel

Step into Aegeo Spa at Electra Metropolis Hotel, your luxury escape in central Athens. Here, ancient Greek beauty rituals create a unique spa experience. You’ll find a peaceful retreat from the city life outside.

Signature Treatments

Aegeo Spa is known for its amazing facials, body treatments, and massages. These services combine traditional Greek practices with a focus on wellness. The therapists use natural products, ensuring each guest gets a personalized treatment that heals both body and mind.

Central Location

Aegeo Spa’s location, just 200 meters from Syntagma Square, mixes convenience with luxury. It is perfect for those who want to relax but stay close to the city’s attractions. The spa also has a serene indoor pool, offering a quiet spot in busy Athens.

Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Spa – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

The Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Spa is a place where luxury meets old healing ways. It’s perfect for those who want the best relaxation in a beautiful place. The spa’s unique services make it a standout destination in Athens.

Hydrotherapy Zone

The spa is famous for its hydrotherapy zone. It uses water therapies to rejuvenate and heal, inspired by ancient Greek customs. This zone, backed by Hippocrates’ wisdom, boasts hot and cold pools, steam baths, and saunas. These features are designed to clean and energize your body.

Additional Amenities

But there’s more than just water therapies. The spa offers a whole-body wellness approach. Enjoy massages and facials that refresh both body and mind. Plus, every experience is enhanced by stunning sea views.

The hotel also has a top-notch fitness center. It’s packed with the latest gear for any workout or yoga class you like. Blending fitness with luxury, your stay at the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Spa promises to be both healing and lavish.

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso Center

The Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso is in the Athenian Riviera. It offers a luxurious stay with lots of spa facilities. The hotel’s overall guest rating is 8.3. It gets high marks for service (8.7) and for being clean and comfortable (8.8 and 8.7).

The wellness center at the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso is a big highlight. Guests can enjoy tailored hydrotherapy treatments in private rooms. There’s also a top-notch fitness center for those wanting a full wellness experience.

The hotel has lots of perks for guests. There are five swimming pools, family rooms, and non-smoking rooms. Private parking is available for €25 a day. The location is excellent, rated 8.9, close to a private beach and a golf course 3 km away.

Couples love this hotel for its romantic vibe, scoring it 9.1 for two-person trips. The rooms have beautiful sea views and the staff is welcoming. Guests praise the buffet breakfast, quality toiletries, and comfy beds.

The hotel is also eco-friendly. It has initiatives for waste management, saving water and energy, reducing greenhouse gases, and community projects.

There are fun activities like aerobics, live music, and water sports including snorkeling and canoeing. For families, there’s a playground, bike tours, and a tennis court.

Feature Rating / Details
Staff 8.7
Facilities 8.5
Cleanliness 8.7
Comfort 8.8
Value for Money 7.4
Location 8.9
Free WiFi 7.7
Couples’ Rating 9.1 (two-person trip)

The Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso is the epitome of luxury in Athens. It combines top-notch hospitality with superb spa services. This hotel is ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape or a lavish spa holiday.

Sofitel Athens Airport – The Spa – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

Sofitel Athens Airport is a luxurious spot for travelers wanting to relax before flying. It’s super close to Athens International Airport, just 50 meters away. This ensures top-notch comfort and ease. Need to relax before your flight? Sofitel Athens Airport – The Spa is the perfect spot.

Sofitel Athens Airport - The Spa

Convenient Location

Sofitel Athens Airport offers unbeatable luxury before your flight. It’s only a minute’s walk to the airport terminals. Plus, getting to the Athens Airport Express Bus stop takes two minutes on foot. The Metro station is just a short, 3-minute walk away. This means less worry about catching your flight and more time to relax.

Comprehensive Facilities

Sofitel Athens Airport – The Spa has great facilities for relaxation and refreshment. Enjoy the heated pool or stretch before your flight. Want to detox? The sauna is perfect. And for extra relaxation, try an invigorating massage. These services ensure a luxurious travel experience with top services.

Nearby Attractions Distance Travel Time
VORRES MUSEUM 13 km / 8 miles 17 minutes drive
ATTICA ZOOLOGICAL PARK 17 km / 11 miles 17 minutes drive
GLYFADA GOLF COURSE 29 km / 18 miles 32 minutes drive
MEGRON, THE ATHENS CONCERT HALL 30 km / 19 miles 32 minutes drive
CASINO MONT PARNES 53 km / 33 miles 58 minutes drive

Some guests say the spa is expensive with a few minor issues. But, the luxury amenities and prime spot make it worth it. I believe it gives great value for a stress-free journey.

Apivita Beehive Spa in Kolonaki – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

In the bustling area of Kolonaki, you’ll find the Apivita Beehive Spa. It’s a place where wellness meets luxury, inspired by Greek nature. This spa is not just about beauty treatments; it’s about a holistic approach to wellness.

The Apivita Beehive Spa uses only the purest ingredients. They focus on natural active ingredients, extracts from Greek plants, beehive products, and organic essential oils. This ensures every treatment is organic and nourishing.

Customers have a choice of fifteen different treatments. Options like the Mediterranean Skin Food Menu and Queen Bee stand out. There are also Deep Face Detox, Body Sculpture, Golden Honey, and Caldera Hot Stone Massage. Each one promises a unique and holistic experience, reflecting Apivita’s eco-friendly and health-focused philosophy.

The Apivita Beehive Spa isn’t just loved locally. It’s recognized worldwide, with products in 23 countries. This global reach shows how much trust people have in their natural Greek cosmetics.

For ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, the Apivita Beehive Spa is perfect. Its combination of holistic treatments and the peaceful vibe of Kolonaki is unbeatable. It’s a top choice for anyone wanting a memorable spa experience in Athens.

Hammam Baths Athens – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

Exploring Athens reveals a rich history of wellness at Hammam Baths Athens. These baths are right by the Acropoli Metro Station and the Acropolis Museum. They blend historical allure with calm relaxation perfectly.

Traditional Hammam Experience

The traditional steam bath is steeped in culture. When you arrive at Old City Hamam, you’re greeted with refreshments such as water and tea. They also serve dried fruit and crackers. Then, the Original treatment includes a 30-minute steam bath. This is followed by a bathing ritual. It’s a truly timeless way to relax.

Hammam Shahrazad and two others, Polis Hammam and Al Hammam Traditional Baths, are only two minutes away. They also offer indulgent experiences in oriental spa Athens.

Additional Services

There’s more than just steam baths. You can enjoy scrubs and foam massages with olive oil soap. They also offer hair washes and cold rinses. Old City Hamam and others provide more, like Swedish massages and hot stone massages. They even have facial treatments. It’s best to book ahead during busy times to get these special experiences at Hammam Baths Athens. They also have private hammam and all-day pamper packages.

You get robes and towels to relax after your treatment. You need to bring your own bathing suit, though. Everything else you need is there. For an authentic oriental spa Athens, try Old City Hamam. It blends tradition with modern luxuries, making it a top choice in the city.

Other Upscale Hotels with Spa Services in Athens Greece

Looking at upscale spa hotels in Athens, Greece, you’ll find many superb choices. Guests seeking the finest relaxation and luxury have a lot to explore. These top wellness destinations in Athens are in the heart of the city. This makes visiting the famous Acropolis easy.

These hotels range from boutique to 5-star levels. Each provides its own special spa journeys.

To help choose the best, here’s a table. It lists the top-rated hotels, their reviews, and what they offer.

Hotel Review Score Number of Reviews Price Range (USD) Amenities
The Residence Aiolou Hotel & Spa 9.0 1,783 164-433 Spa services, fitness center, rooftop pool
L’Avventura Athens 9.0 1,656 164-433 Spa, sauna, Mediterranean cuisine
The Gem Society Hotel 9.1 2,541 164-433 Wellness club, exclusive spa treatments
Coco-mat Athens BC 9.1 2,927 164-433 Spa, eco-friendly practices, European cuisine
A.P. Acropolis View Apartments 9.4 2,377 164-433 Jacuzzi, airport transfers, scenic views
Elia Ermou Athens Hotel 9.0 3,620 164-433 Rooftop pool, spa services, Greek cuisine
COCO-MAT Athens Jumelle 9.0 3,230 164-433 Spa, fitness center, sauna
Electra Metropolis 9.0 7,365 164-433 Spa, aerial views, Greek cuisine
Electra Palace Athens 9.0 4,903 164-433 Spa, rooftop pool, European cuisine
Mariet Athens Boutique Spa 9.0 161 164-433 Spa, boutique experience

Athens Finest Spa Hotels: Hotels like Electra Metropolis and Coco-mat Athens BC are famous. They have great reviews and offer top amenities. These spots not only have outstanding spas but also focus on being green. They combine modern luxury with caring for our planet.

You might prefer a hotel with a rooftop pool or a small, unique spa. There are many choices for all tastes and budgets. These hotels offer great services. These include 24-hour help, room service, and breakfast options. They are top wellness spots in Athens.

Looking for a getaway that mixes well-being with luxury? Check out these Athens spa hotels. They’re a great pick for anyone who loves traveling in style.

For more info on what’s available, you can visit Athens Greece exclusive accommodations.


Athens Finest Spa Hotels: Athens’ spa hotels mix culture and relaxation perfectly. If you want luxury or a top relaxation spot, Athens has it all. The city boasts everything from the historic charm of the Hotel Grande Bretagne to modern comforts. Athens is an ideal choice for a refreshing city break.

The Hotel Grande Bretagne is a jewel in Athens’ crown, marking 150 years of luxury this year. It started as a mansion and became a top hotel with a significant loan. A 2003 renovation, costing 82 million euros, kept its five-star status. For a unique experience, try the hotel’s “museum tour” every Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00. And don’t miss Alexander’s Cigar Lounge, from Monday to Saturday, 11:00 to 20:00.

In Athens, upscale hotels with amazing spa services await you. They offer everything from peaceful retreats to high-tech wellness centers. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect place to relax. For an excellent stay, check out Hotel Grande Bretagne.

FAQ – Athens Finest Spa Hotels

What are some top upscale hotels with spa services in Athens, Greece?

In Athens, Greece, top hotels with spa services include Hotel Grande Bretagne, Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel, and Electra Metropolis Hotel.

What types of spa treatments are available at the GB Spa at the Hotel Grande Bretagne?

The GB Spa offers various treatments. These range from Roman-inspired therapies to rejuvenating facials and body treatments. There’s also a luxurious Couple’s Suite for shared experiences.

Can you describe the unique features of the Orloff Spa at Life Gallery Hotel?

Orloff Spa at Life Gallery Hotel boasts a state-of-the-art wet area. It also offers a variety of pampering treatments. The Spa sits in the peaceful hillside suburbs of Athens, providing a serene escape near the city.

What makes Holmes Place Spa in Syntagma a popular choice for international visitors?

Holmes Place Spa combines fitness with wellness. They offer body treatments and a nail spa in a luxurious setting. This makes it a top pick for international visitors.

What signature treatments are offered at Aegeo Spa at Electra Metropolis Hotel?

Aegeo Spa is known for Ancient Greek-inspired beauty treatments. They offer expert facials and massages. The spa also has a serene indoor pool in central Athens.

What are the highlights of the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Spa?

This Spa features a hydrotherapy zone and treatments inspired by Hippocrates. You’ll also find panoramic sea views and a modern fitness studio.

How extensive are the spa facilities at Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso Center?

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso Center has a large spa with hydrotherapy treatments. It offers private rooms for personal rituals and a modern fitness center.

What makes Sofitel Athens Airport – The Spa a convenient option?

Sofitel Athens Airport – The Spa is near the airport terminals. It offers a heated pool, sauna, and massage area. It’s perfect for a refreshing break between flights.

What can guests expect at the Apivita Beehive Spa in Kolonaki?

At Apivita Beehive Spa, guests enjoy holistic treatments with natural ingredients. The spa values eco-friendly practices, located in the historic Kolonaki area.

What traditional experiences are available at Hammam Baths Athens?

Hammam Baths Athens provides an authentic hammam experience. Guests can enjoy massages and beauty treatments in a marble setting near historic sites.

Are there other notable upscale hotels with spa services in Athens, Greece?

Yes, Athens has many upscale hotels with spa services. There are boutique hotels with unique treatments and resorts with rooftop pools. These offer views of the Acropolis, appealing to every traveler.

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