Unwind at Boutique Hotels Near Acropolis – My Top Picks

Boutique Hotels Near Acropolis: Imagine arriving in Athens, settling into a cozy yet fancy hideaway with stunning views of the Acropolis. Boutique hotels around the Acropolis have a special charm that big hotels can’t match. On my recent trip, I found many such hotels that offer luxury and have fascinating stories to tell.

Staying in a place with as much personality as the city around it feels deeply satisfying. One afternoon, while enjoying a cappuccino on the Electra Metropolis rooftop, the view of the Acropolis under the blue sky was breathtaking. These hotels, like the 226-room Electra Metropolis and the eco-friendly Ergon House, really pay attention to the details.

The Zillers Hotel, with its 10 stylish rooms, made me feel connected to Athens’ rich history. Meanwhile, the 360 Degrees Hotel in Monastiraki, with its 20 unique rooms, was a delight for an art lover like me. Its design and rooftop gardens were mesmerizing.

Are you ready to check out my top picks of boutique hotels in Athens? These places promise luxury and style near the Acropolis.

Key Takeaways – Boutique Hotels Near Acropolis

  • The Foundry Suites offers 12 uniquely styled rooms and apartments.
  • Zillers Hotel provides 10 exclusive rooms and suites, capturing Athens’ historic charm.
  • The Electra Metropolis features 226 rooms and suites, perfect for a luxurious stay.
  • 360 Degrees Hotel includes 20 boutique rooms with quirky, art-focused designs.
  • Ergon House accommodates guests in 18 rooms, known as the world’s first ‘food hotel’.
  • A for Athens boasts 35 rooms known for their excellent hospitality and prime location.
  • From designer boutique style to sustainable eco-friendly initiatives, you’ll find a plethora of options to suit your preferences in Athens.

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Herodion Hotel: Cozy Elegacy in Plaka

Right near the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum, you’ll find the Herodion Hotel. It’s a cozy spot run by a family in Plaka’s magical part of town. For over 40 years, they’ve welcomed guests into rooms with views of streets, gardens, or the stunning Acropolis. They aim to make you feel right at home. The hotel’s concierge team always goes the extra mile. They suggest rooms with Acropolis views for an unforgettable sight from your bed. Each season brings its own charm here, promising a visit you’ll always remember.

Location Perks

The Herodion Hotel is so close to must-see spots like the Acropolis Museum and the Aeropagitou walkway. What makes it even better is the Acropolis metro station just a 5-minute stroll away. This spot is perfect for getting around easily.

Room Choices

If you’re exploring the Plaka area, Herodion offers 90 rooms, from cozy doubles to spacious suites. It’s ideal whether you’re searching for luxury close to the Acropolis or just a snug, stylish place. Every room is carefully designed. You can choose from views of the lively streets, peaceful gardens, or the breathtaking Acropolis.

Dining Options

Dining at Herodion is always a pleasure. The Atrium restaurant in the lobby shines with its glass ceiling and a tree at its center. It’s a welcoming space. Then there’s the lobby bar. It offers comfy couches, a warm fireplace, and a library—perfect for relaxing. When it gets warm, the meal moves to the rooftop. There, under the stars, you get to enjoy amazing food all year round.

Ivis 4: A Blend of Art and Design in Psyrri

Ivis 4 is a standout boutique hotel in the lively Psyrri neighborhood of Athens. It mixes history with modern design, making it an artistic retreat. Its great location and eye-catching design mix the old with the new beautifully.

Historic Charm

Originally, Ivis 4 was an industrial site for glass and ironwork. Now, it’s turned into a stylish hotel that keeps its historic feel. It features amazing murals by the famous Greek artist Simple G, giving each room and suite a unique look.

Unique Features

The hotel’s top feature is the Acropolis Terrace suite with its own balcony offering stunning Acropolis views. Inside, every room comes with modern comforts like a desk, coffee machine, and more for a cozy stay. There’s also a fitness center, garden, terrace, and restaurant with various breakfast options.

Room Type Rate (Euros per Night)
Standard Room 99 – 130
Acropolis Terrace Suite Variable based on season

Local Attractions

Ivis 4 is close to important Athens spots like Monastiraki Square and Flea Market. It’s in the city’s heart, offering a vibrant experience. This makes it a top choice for those wishing to explore Athens’ old and new highlights.

Asomaton: A Historic Townhouse in Thissio

In the vibrant Thissio district, Asomaton stands out with its mix of history and modernity. Once a deserted farrier’s workshop, it has been transformed into a 19-room boutique hotel. Now, it welcomes guests with semi-open corridors and stunning artwork by Philip Tsiaras.

Rich History

Asomaton is special because of its rich past. It has been renovated to keep its historical spirit while adding modern touches. Guests can dive into the lively culture and history of Athens just by staying here.

Artistic Ambiance

The artistic vibe is a big part of Asomaton. Philip Tsiaras’ art blends new with old, creating a unique atmosphere. It’s a top pick among design hotels in Athens for those who love art and history.

Relaxation Spots

Asomaton has great spots for relaxation. There’s a peaceful green area and an eye-catching plunge pool in the lobby. Guests also have access to rain showers, hot tubs, and free toiletries, making their stay luxurious.

Its location is ideal – only 5 minutes on foot from Thissio train station and a 35-minute drive from Eleftherios Venizelos airport. Being close to Athens city center and the Lais bus stop makes it a favorite among boutique hotels near Parthenon.

Feature Details
Rooms 17 rooms with flat-screen TV, minibar, tea and coffee making equipment
Payment Accepted only in cash
Amenities Rain shower, hot tub, hair dryers, complimentary toiletries
Wi-Fi Free throughout the property
Nearby meal option Coffee Island café (100m)
Parking Nearby for EUR 15 per day
Late Check-out Available upon request
Guest Ratings 8/10 to 10/10

Asomaton perfectly combines rich history, artistic flair, and modern comfort. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking a unique Athens experience. Close to the Parthenon with many relaxation options, it’s a leading choice among boutique hotels near Parthenon.

Loom: Colorful and Trendy in Gazi/Keramikos

In the Gazi/Keramikos area, Loom hotel shines with bright colors and modern design. It celebrates the locale’s past in pottery and sculpture. It’s the go-to spot for those who love trendy hotels in Athens.

Neighborhood Vibe

Loom stands where Athens’ first Silk Loom Factory was. It’s in Gazi/Keramikos, famed for lively nights and art scenes. The hotel is close to the Keramikos Metro and the ancient Keramikos Cemetery, great for visitors who want boutique hotels near the Acropolis.

Bold Design

Loom’s design mixes local craft history with modern style. Its vivid colors make every corner alive. With 11 unique rooms, it reflects Gazi/Keramikos’ rich past, positioning it among the top boutique hotels near the Parthenon.

Room Options

Loom offers various rooms across four levels, including three Loft Suites with skylights and gardens. Most rooms boast balconies for a calm spot after exploring Athens. Loom is celebrated for its comfort and cleanliness, scoring 9.2 Superb from recent guests.

Aspect Rating
Overall 9.2
Staff 9.7
Facilities 9.5
Cleanliness 9.6
Comfort 9.4
Value for Money 9.3
Location 8.6
Free WiFi 9.4

Discover boutique hotels near Acropolis with a view

Looking for the perfect place to stay in Athens? The view of the Acropolis is key. Boutique hotels have made the most of their location. They offer amazing views from terraces and rooftops. You can choose from simple rooms to luxurious suites, all with views of Greece’s iconic landmark.

When picking a hotel near the Acropolis, expect luxury mixed with historical allure. Electra Palace Athens has five-star amenities and stunning views, with rates starting at US$250.09 a night. Sweet Home Hotel offers great comfort at more affordable prices, starting at US$197.18 per night. A for Athens merges affordability with amazing views for just US$138.94 per night.

Here is a detailed comparison of some top-rated boutique hotels with Acropolis view:

Hotel Review Score Number of Reviews Starting Price (USD)
Acropolis View Hotel 9.0 3,106 reviews 110.62
Electra Palace Athens 9.0 4,902 reviews 250.09
Sweet Home Hotel 9.3 1,140 reviews 197.18
Ergon House Athens 9.1 1,608 reviews 250.09
Hellenic Vibes Smart Hotel 9.3 2,245 reviews 210.30
A for Athens 9.0 1,996 reviews 138.94
The Residence Aiolou Hotel & Spa 9.1 1,783 reviews 187.59
AthINN Residence 8.2 645 reviews 119.01
Bed in Athens 9.4 1,762 reviews 169.13
Noble Suites 9.4 173 reviews N/A

We analyzed over 171 boutique hotels near the Acropolis. The average room count is 24. They are located 0.2 to 0.3 miles from the Acropolis. Nightly rates range from $97 to $645 USD. Many of these hotels were modernized in 2011 and 2019. No matter what you prefer, there’s a boutique hotel near the Acropolis for you. It will make your Athens trip truly unforgettable.

Monsieur Didot: Exclusivity in Kolonaki

Kolonaki boutique hotels

For lovers of elegance and history, Monsieur Didot stands out in Kolonaki. It’s a cozy spot that echoes the area’s posh feel. With just six rooms that get plenty of sunlight and have their own terraces, privacy and exclusivity are guaranteed.

Elegant Setting

Monsieur Didot finds its home in Kolonaki. It’s a neo-classical beauty that showcases Athenian elegance. The design of the building and its interiors shows a keen eye for detail, offering guests both luxury and comfort.

Literary Connection

This hotel honors Athens’ literary history. Named after a Greek font typesetter from the 1820s Revolution, it has a library ideal for reading and relaxation. Monsieur Didot’s nod to Athens’ intellectual legacy sets it apart from other trendy hotels.

Home-like Comfort

Monsieur Didot blends historical grace with today’s comforts. Its grand staircase hints at the building’s age, yet modern amenities cater to all needs, including those with mobility issues. This mix of old-world charm and modern comfort makes it a standout in Kolonaki.

Hotel Rating Rooms
Monsieur Didot 9.4 (amazing) 6
Gatsby Athens 9.4 (amazing) 30
Ivis 4 Boutique Hotel 9.3 (superb) 14
Philia Boutique Hotel 9.4 (amazing) 19
Asomaton 9.2 (superb) 17
A77 Suites 9.3 (superher) 13
The Foundry Hotel 9.4 (amazing) 12
Pallineon House 9.5 (amazing) 7

The Dolli: Classy Accommodations in Syntagma/Monastiraki

The Dolli is nestled between Syntagma and Monastiraki squares. It shines as a symbol of quiet luxury. Once a place where fabric merchants gathered, it now has 46 rooms and suites. They are spread across four floors. Each room is beautifully decorated with custom-made furniture and Greek crafts. It’s like entering a small palace, with art like Picasso’s in the library.

Luxurious Decor

The Dolli’s design is all about royal charm and sophistication. Guests find themselves in rooms that mix modern comfort with classic beauty. The atmosphere is filled with special furniture, making guests feel like royalty.

Exclusive Amenities

At The Dolli, guests have many premium amenities to enjoy. There’s an outdoor swimming pool and a rooftop restaurant. You can swim in the infinity pool while looking at the Parthenon. Or try the brunch that blends Asian with Greek flavors. Every detail aims to create an unforgettable experience.

More amenities include:

      • Free WiFi, with a guest rating of 9.7
      • Parking spots available for €35 each day
      • Rooms for families and areas for non-smokers
      • An airport shuttle service
      • A well-equipped fitness center

Prime Location

The Dolli has a great spot close to famous Athens landmarks. Visitors can check out Syntagma and Monastiraki’s lively streets. These areas are rich in culture and food. Couples have given its location a 9.8 rating. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway. This hotel blends luxury with convenience, offering peace in the city’s buzz.

Aspect Rating
Staff 9.6
Facilities 9.5
Cleanliness 9.6
Comfort 9.6
Value for money 8.5
Location 9.8
Free WiFi 9.7

For more info on this lavish spot, see The Dolli at Acropolis on Booking.com.

The hotel offers lots of fun activities. Enjoy:

      • Renting a bicycle
      • Trying a cooking class
      • Going on local culture tours
      • Biking tours
      • And walking tours (extra fees may apply)

The Dolli promises a luxurious and unmatched stay. Explore the rich culture of Athens while enjoying top-notch amenities.

Margi Hotel: Athens Riviera Luxury in Vouligmeni

If you’re looking for luxury, the Margi Hotel is top-notch. It sits in Vouligmeni, part of the luxury hotels Athens Riviera. It ranks high among stylish hotels near Acropolis too. The setting is ideal for those wanting peace, yet close to the city’s highlights.

Margi Hotel has a strong rating of 8.9 out of 10 from 800 reviews. This score shows guests appreciate its services and amenities. High marks are given for staff, facilities, and cleanliness among others.

      • Staff: 9.4
      • Facilities: 9.0
      • Cleanliness: 9.2
      • Comfort: 9.2
      • Value for money: 8.1
      • Location: 9.0
      • Free WiFi: 9.3

The hotel boasts indoor and outdoor spa pools. It offers high-end services, like a luxury boutique and personal trainers. There are yoga classes, a top-notch fitness center, and much more. Guests enjoy two swimming pools, free WiFi, parking, an airport shuttle, and family rooms.

There are three restaurants at the Margi. Malabar serves Greek and Mediterranean food. Nilaya offers both American and Greek dishes. Patio provides a great dinner setting. The hotel is known for comfy beds and outstanding service.

Margi Hotel excels in looking after its guests. It provides daily housekeeping, ironing, dry cleaning, and babysitting. Wellness services include personal trainers and a variety of massages. There’s also a steam room and a hammam.

The hotel has wheelchair access and elevators for all guests. Staff speak both English and French. This makes staying here easy for many.

The Margi is a short distance from central Athens. Yet, it’s a peaceful retreat away from the city’s buzz. Close to Astir Beach and Lake Vouliagmeni, it’s perfect for exploring or relaxing. With its prime location, the Margi combines city excitement with serene beachside relaxation. Check it out at Athens Riviera.

Twinn Hotel: Seaside Delight in Piraeus/Mikrolimano

waterfront boutique hotels Athens

The Twinn Hotel in Piraeus/Mikrolimano mixes modern comfort with stunning seaside views. It stands out among waterfront boutique hotels in Athens. Guests find tranquility on the rooftop terrace or joy in a sumptuous à la carte breakfast. Each moment here is peaceful and enjoyable.

Waterfront Location

The Twinn Hotel is just five minutes from Piraeus port by foot. It’s perfect for those heading off to Greek islands quickly. Close to Mikrolimano and Kastella, it offers scenic walks, beautiful sunsets, and local culture.

Modern Comfort

The rooms combine sleek design with comfort. While the Grande Bretagne and Electra Palace Hotel are elegant, this hotel feels welcoming. Features like free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and cozy bedding ensure a pleasant stay.

Convenient Amenities

Amenity Description
Rooftop Terrace Enjoy sweeping views of the Aegean, making it one of the best waterfront boutique hotels Athens has to offer.
Shuttle Service Offers easy transportation to Piraeus port; ideal for early-morning ferry departures to islands like Santorini and Mykonos.
Communal Lobby A delightful space to socialize or catch up on a sports game.
À la carte Breakfast A diverse menu catering to all dietary preferences.

The Twinn Hotel is not just conveniently located, it’s filled with coastal charm. It’s perfect for those wanting a chill spot near the Acropolis or a seaside rest before exploring the islands. With its modern comforts, it’s a top-notch choice.


As I finished looking at boutique hotels near the Acropolis, it was clear Athens had changed a lot. The hotel owners have turned old buildings into special places to stay. They mix ancient Greek style with modern comfort. Hotels like A77 Suites by Andronis have private jacuzzis with views of the Acropolis. And The Modernist Athens is filled with art.

The Modernist Athens is a new hotel that was once the Canadian Embassy. It was designed by Kostis Karatzas and the architects at FORMrelated. It has 38 rooms, from size S to XL. The rooftop bar offers great drinks made by famous mixologists from The Clumsies. Their amazing service makes your visit unforgettable.

These boutique hotels offer more than just a luxurious stay. They connect you to the life of Athens. You can watch the sunset with a drink or see how the locals live. These hotels are perfect for anyone looking for a unique experience in Athens. They combine old-world charm with new luxury. It’s a great base for exploring the historic Acropolis.


What are the best boutique hotels near the Acropolis?

Some top boutique hotels near the Acropolis are the Herodion Hotel, Ivis 4, Asomaton, Loom, and The Dolli. They offer unique features and luxury. You also get amazing Acropolis views.

Are there luxury accommodations in Athens with Acropolis views?

Yes. Many Athens boutique hotels have stunning Acropolis views. The Herodion, Ivis 4, Asomaton, and The Dolli offer great vistas. They have rooms and terraces that look out over this historic site.

Which boutique hotels are located in the Plaka area?

The Herodion Hotel is a standout boutique option in Plaka. It puts guests in a lovely neighborhood. This adds charm to their stay.

Where can I find a trendy hotel in Athens near the Acropolis?

If you’re looking for cool hotels near the Acropolis, try Ivis 4 in Psyrri or Loom in Gazi/Keramikos. They have hip designs and lively vibes.

What makes design hotels in Athens unique?

Athens’ design hotels, like Asomaton in Thissio, stand out for artistic interiors and historical links. They combine modern design with historic city elements.

Are there boutique hotels with balconies or terraces offering Acropolis views?

Yes. Hotels like Ivis 4 and Asomaton near the Acropolis have rooms with balconies or terraces. They let you enjoy the Acropolis in all its glory.

What are the benefits of staying in a luxury boutique accommodation near the Acropolis?

Luxury boutiques near the Acropolis offer personalized service and elegant interiors. The Dolli and Margi Hotel promise an unforgettable stay. They are close to major historic sites.

Are there boutique hotels near the Parthenon in Athens?

Definitely! The Asomaton in Thissio and Herodion Hotel in Plaka are near the Acropolis and Parthenon. They make visiting these landmarks easy.

Which boutique hotels in Athens offer modern amenities and stylish décor?

Loom in Gazi/Keramikos and The Dolli in Syntagma / Monastiraki are known for their modern amenities and chic decor. They’re perfect for guests wanting contemporary style.

What boutique hotel options are available near waterfront areas in Athens?

The Twinn Hotel in Piraeus/Mikrolimano and Margi Hotel in Vouliagmeni are great for sea-loving travelers. They offer beautiful views, modern luxuries, and a peaceful seaside atmosphere. 
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