Discover Famous Greek Coffee Shops – My Top Picks!

“The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportional to the quantity of coffee he drinks.” — James Mackintosh

Famous Greek Coffee Shops: As someone passionate about Greek culture and its rich coffee tradition, I’ve explored many cafes and coffee spots throughout Greece. From the bustling streets of Athens to quieter island locales, I aim to share my top picks for Greek coffee shops that offer more than just a cup of java — they immerse you in the very essence of Greek conviviality and craftsmanship.

These recommendations range from traditional kafeneia with strong, old-fashioned Greek coffee to modern coffee houses with trendy ambiances and artisanal brews. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring these spots will not only satisfy your caffeine cravings but also give you a genuine taste of Greek hospitality and culture.

Key Takeaways – Famous Greek Coffee Shops

  • Cherchez La Femme is recommended for its traditional Greek coffee experience.
  • Mokka Specialty Coffee offers a variety of specialty coffees directly from producers.
  • Carpo has multiple branches in Athens, combining modern ambiance with excellent coffee.
  • Dope Roasting Co. is known for its cozy atmosphere and popular flat whites.
  • ANANA Coffee & Food caters to vegetarians and vegans with its 1950s decor and veggie-friendly menu.
  • Cupaki Street Espresso is perfect for espresso enthusiasts, offering a stylish and modern ambiance.

Introduction to Greek Coffee Culture

The Greek coffee culture is deeply woven into the daily lives of its people, ranking Greece as number 15 among the world’s top coffee-consuming countries. For most Greeks, frequenting a café for coffee is a much-loved ritual, far more common than drinking a cup at home. The beloved kafeneio, a traditional Greek coffee place, often becomes a hub for elderly men or retirees engaging in animated discussions about local politics or enjoying a game of cards.

Brief History of Greek Coffee

The history of Greek coffee is both rich and fascinating, with its roots tracing back to the Ottoman Empire. Originally known as Turkish coffee until political tensions led to its renaming, Greek coffee has been an integral component of Greek hospitality. It’s interesting to note that the first coffee shop, or “kafeneio,” opened as early as 1475 in Constantinople, under the Ottoman Empire. By the 17th century, over 300 coffee shops had sprung up in Thessaloniki alone, signaling the widespread acceptance and love for coffee in the region.

The evolution continued into the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the emergence of specialized coffee shops called “kafekopteia” that began selling traditional Greek or “ibrik” coffee. The 1990s marked Athens’ second coffee wave, focusing on offering a more refined coffee experience. The early 2000s saw the rise of specialty coffee, which Greeks embraced with enthusiasm even during the economic crisis of 2008.

Unique Features of Famous Greek Coffee Shops

Greek coffee stands out for its unique characteristics, creating a strong and richly flavored beverage. This coffee is finely ground and brewed slowly over heat, commonly served in small cups. A distinctive feature is the kaimaki, a creamy foam on top that sets it apart from other coffee styles. Diners can tailor their drink to their taste preferences, choosing from four sweetness levels: sketos (no sugar), metrios (one sugar), glykos (sweet, two sugars), and variglykos (very sweet, more than two sugars).

But Greek coffee culture extends far beyond just a beverage; it’s a social tradition. Coffeehouses in Greece, with their convivial atmospheres, function as communal gathering places where people come together to enjoy not just coffee, but also culinary delights like Loukoumades (Greek donuts), Baklava, and Koulourakia. This culture of pairing coffee with sweets highlights the essence of Greek hospitality, serving as a social catalyst that fosters connections among individuals.

Moreover, unique traditional coffee practices, such as reading fortunes from the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup, add a layer of mystique and charm to the experience. The popularity of Greek coffee, also known as “ibrik coffee,” has persisted over centuries, traditionally served with sweet “loukoumi” dessert, embodying the deep-seated customs and friendliness that define Greek coffee culture.

Famous Greek Coffee Shops

Greece’s rich coffee culture transcends mere beverage; it embodies tradition, community, and craftsmanship. With over 40,000 tonnes of coffee consumed in 2018, it’s no surprise that Greece ranks as the 17th largest coffee-consuming country. Over the centuries, famous Greek coffee shops have become essential hubs for this vibrant culture.

Why These Shops Stand Out

Famous Greek Coffee Shops: From the port city of Thessaloniki, where there were over 300 coffee houses in the 17th century, to modern establishments, renowned Greek coffee shops offer a unique blend of history and innovation. The emergence of specialty coffee in Greece during the early 2000s has opened doors to new coffee experiences, with modern kafeteria catering to younger consumers. These shops stand out for several reasons:

  • Authentic Brews: Each coffee shop stays true to traditional brewing methods, ensuring every cup is a taste of Greece’s coffee history.
  • Respected Baristas: Over 5,000 baristas trained by Nestlé Professional in the last six years ensure that the quality of coffee remains impeccable.
  • Award-Winning Expertise: Greece has produced ten World Coffee Championship winners, showcasing the nation’s passion and prowess in coffee.
  • Innovative Offerings: From classical Greek coffee brewed in a briki to modern espresso-based drinks, there’s something for every coffee lover.

What to Expect in Each Coffee Shop

Visiting famous Greek coffee shops promises more than just a drink. Each location provides a unique experience, combining savory brews with a welcoming atmosphere:

Coffee Shop Trademark Features
Mokka Specialty Coffee Founded in 1923, renovated near Athens’ central market in 1999. Famous for traditional and modern brews.
Samba Coffee Roasters Roasting coffee since 1979, known for artisanal brews and expert baristas.
Handpickers Coffee Roasters Opened in 2017 by Alexandros Founis; modern approach with high-quality coffee.
Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies Operated by Nikos and Tânia Anemos since 2016, blending tradition with contemporary coffee trends.
taf Open since 2009, this Athens café combines a rich coffee culture with an inviting atmosphere.

When you step into these coffee houses, you are not just ordering a drink. You’re immersing yourself in a best coffee shop experience filled with communal warmth and delightful Greek sweets like loukoumi.

Cherchez La Femme: A Traditional Experience

Nestled in the bustling heart of Athens, Cherchez La Femme is a cherished gem among Athens coffee shops. Located near Ermou Street and the Cathedral, this kafeneio perfectly embodies the essence of an authentic Greek experience. Its bistro-style ambiance, coupled with inviting outdoor seating, invites patrons to relax and soak in the local culture.

Location and Ambience

Positioned conveniently in central Athens, Cherchez La Femme offers a tranquil haven from the city’s hustle. The charming blend of classic and contemporary decor sets the stage for a memorable visit. The inviting outdoor seating area provides a perfect spot for people-watching while savoring traditional Greek coffee.

Signature Dishes and Drinks

This kafeneio is renowned for its signature traditional Greek coffee, meticulously prepared in a hovoli (hot sand) to ensure an unparalleled depth of flavor. Accompany your coffee with a piece of loukoumi, a delightful Turkish delight that enhances the rich, earthy notes of the brew. Patrons also rave about their refreshing freddo espresso, a modern twist on iced coffee, blending contemporary trends with traditional tastes.

Why Visit Cherchez La Femme

Visitors to Cherchez La Femme can expect more than just a cup of coffee; it promises an immersive experience steeped in Greek tradition. Whether you’re drawn in by the historical preparation methods of traditional Greek coffee or the inviting atmosphere of one of the most renowned Athens coffee shops, each visit here provides a slice of Greek culture. Perfectly blending the old and the new, Cherchez La Femme is a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic Greek experience.

Based on a poll conducted among Greeks, Cherchez La Femme stands out as a top recommendation, competing with places like Mokka Coffee. This speaks volumes about its popularity and the quality of its offerings. As part of the vibrant Athens coffee scene, Cherchez La Femme remains committed to preserving the rich heritage of Greek coffee while catering to modern tastes.

Here is a comparative look at some top favorite coffee shops in Athens:

Coffee Shop Specialty Location
Cherchez La Femme Traditional Greek Coffee & Loukoumi Near Ermou Street
Carpo Flat Whites & Baked Goods Various Locations
Dope Roasting Co. Trendy Coffee Blends Central Athens
ANANA Coffee & Food Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly Central Athens
Taf Coffee High-Quality Espresso Various Locations

Modern Coffee Spots: Reflecting Athens’ Vibrant Lifestyle

Exploring the city of Athens reveals a blend of historical heritage and contemporary vibrance. The modern coffee spots Athens boasts are a testament to this dynamic fusion. Whether you’re a digital nomad seeking a cozy nook or a coffee enthusiast eager to discover trendy coffee shops, the variety caters to all.

Dope Roasting Co.: A Trendy Delight

One of my favorite trendy coffee shops in Athens is Dope Roasting Co. This place exudes a hip atmosphere that’s perfect for both solo work sessions and social meet-ups. Known for its rich flat whites and delectable baked goods, Dope Roasting Co. encapsulates the spirit of the city’s modern coffee scene.

ANANA Coffee & Food: For Veggie Lovers

For those who cherish vegetarian-friendly cafes, ANANA Coffee & Food is a must-visit. The 1950s-inspired decor paired with outdoor seating sets a relaxing tone, making it an ideal spot for enjoying a variety of vegetarian and vegan delicacies. This cafe is a haven for those who appreciate good food and a vintage ambiance.

Cupaki Street Espresso: Perfect for Espresso Enthusiasts

If you’re an aficionado of espresso bars Greece offers, look no further than Cupaki Street Espresso. This stylish cafe stands out for its excellent espresso and warm barista service, ensuring each visit is memorable. It’s the go-to spot for those who savor high-quality espresso in an inviting setting.

The Best Greek Coffee in Athens

For those in search of the best Greek coffee in Athens, the city’s diverse coffee scene is an absolute delight. From historic kafeneios to modern cafes, Athens offers an array of must-experience coffee shops that cater to every coffee lover’s preferences. Each cafe provides a unique experience, reflecting the rich heritage and innovative trends that define the Athens coffee scene.

best Greek coffee in Athens

The journey typically begins at Oraia Ellas, an iconic Athens cafe that’s been serving coffee since 1839. This establishment is renowned for its traditional brew, known as Ellinikos Kafes, always served with a glass of cold water. Visitors here can enjoy various types of Greek coffee, such as Metrios, Glykos, and Sketos, ensuring a classic coffee experience steeped in history.

For a more contemporary vibe, Cafe Taf HQ is a standout choice. Founded in the 1990s, Cafe Taf focuses on specialty coffee with direct trade links to producers worldwide. The cafe’s commitment to quality has made it a cornerstone of the Athens coffee scene, where patrons can savor meticulously roasted beans and expertly crafted brews.

Third Place is another gem in the Syntagma neighborhood. This social hub provides an ideal space for connections with its minimalistic Scandinavian interior and fresh roasts. The cafe’s ambiance, combined with its high-quality coffee, makes it a favorite among those exploring iconic Athens cafes.

Nestled near the Acropolis Museum, Little Tree Books and Coffee offers a cozy retreat for coffee lovers and book enthusiasts. Known for its excellent coffee selection and a remarkable collection of Greek literature, it perfectly harmonizes the love for coffee and culture.

Another notable mention is The Underdog, a specialty coffee shop celebrated for its award-winning baristas and diverse brunch menu. This cafe stands out in the Athens coffee scene for its exceptional coffee and welcoming atmosphere, making it a must-visit for coffee aficionados.

For those who seek highly-rated spots, Caffeine Dealer tops the list. It’s one of the highest-rated coffee spots in Athens, praised for offering an exceptional coffee experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Lastly, don’t miss out on The Clumsies, an acclaimed cocktail bar known for its creative combinations. The “But First, Coffee” drink perfectly fuses the buzz of caffeine with a delightful concoction of alcohol, embodying the innovative spirit of the Athens coffee scene.

Each of these must-experience coffee shops contributes to the rich and diverse fabric of Athens’ coffee culture. Whether you’re savoring a traditional Ellinikos Kafes at a historic cafe or enjoying a specialty brew in a modern setting, Athens truly offers the best Greek coffee experiences for every taste and preference. Explore these iconic Athens cafes to immerse yourself in both the city’s heritage and its vibrant, evolving coffee culture.

Must-Visit Coffee Houses in Greece

Exploring the coffee culture in Greece means venturing into some of the country’s most charming and prestigious coffee houses. Among the must-visit coffee houses in Greece, three stand out for their unique offerings and rich histories: Mokka, Carpo, and Taf Coffee.

Mokka: Near the Central Market

Mokka coffee shop is a historic gem nestled near Athens’ Central Market. Founded in 1923, this establishment has undergone revitalizations to meet the growing demand for specialty coffee. Mokka perfectly blends traditional Greek coffee practices with modern varieties, making it a key player in Athens’ dynamic coffee scene. Whether you’re indulging in their traditional Greek brew or sampling their innovative takes, a visit to Mokka is a dive into Greece’s rich coffee heritage.

Carpo: More Than Just Coffee

Carpo offers much more than just a cup of coffee. Situated in various locations around Athens, Carpo’s gourmet offerings expand to chocolates, honey, and nuts, creating a haven for those with refined tastes. The quality and variety of their coffee, paired with these exquisite accompaniments, make Carpo a standout destination for both locals and visitors. This coffee house expertly balances premium product offerings with an inviting atmosphere.

Taf Coffee: A Coffee Geek’s Paradise

Taf Coffee represents the pinnacle of barista expertise and love for the craft. Since 2009, Taf has established itself as a leader in the Athens coffee community. They source high-quality beans from Africa and Central America, with their products available globally in cities like London, Singapore, and Milan. Known for their knowledgeable staff and detailed approach to coffee brewing, Taf is a paradise for coffee aficionados and a must-visit coffee house in Greece.

Coffee House Established Specialty Unique Offerings
Mokka 1923 Traditional Greek Coffee Blend of traditional and modern coffee varieties
Carpo Multiple Locations Gourmet Coffee Chocolates, honey, nuts
Taf Coffee 2009 High-Quality Beans Available globally

Popular Greek Coffee Chains: Quality at Every Corner

Exploring the vibrant coffee culture of Greece wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of the popular Greek coffee chains known for their quality and convenience. These establishments not only offer incredible coffee but also cater to a variety of preferences, making them ideal for both locals and visitors alike.

Coffee Berry: Best for Everyday Coffee On The Go

If you’re looking for a quick yet delicious cup of coffee while navigating the bustling streets, Coffee Berry is your go-to choice. Found throughout city centers, this popular Greek coffee chain excels in providing consistently high-quality coffee for those on the move. Their extensive menu includes a wide range of coffee options, ensuring that every coffee lover finds something to enjoy.

Rabbit Punch at Pangrati: The Specialist’s Choice

For those who appreciate specialty coffee, Rabbit Punch at Pangrati stands as an exceptional option. Known for its refined approach, Rabbit Punch baristas are celebrated for their expertise and dedication to creating the perfect cup. This place truly embodies the art of coffee making, featuring a selection of unique blends and meticulously prepared beverages.

Kick Cafe at Kypseli: Loved by Locals

No visit to Athens would be complete without stopping by Kick Cafe at Kypseli, a local favorite. This charming cafe is adored by residents for its friendly atmosphere and deliciously robust coffee. The blend of warmth from the staff and the rich, flavorful coffee creates a memorable experience that keeps patrons coming back time and again.

Here’s a brief comparison of some popular Greek coffee chains based on quality and customer preferences:

Coffee Chain Quality Rating Customer Favorites
Coffee Berry 4.6 Espresso, Flat White
Rabbit Punch 4.8 Specialty Brews, Single-Origin Coffee
Kick Cafe 4.7 House Blend Coffee, Cold Brew

Whether you’re seeking a quick caffeine fix or a more specialized coffee experience, these popular Greek coffee chains ensure quality at every corner, making them must-visit spots for any coffee enthusiast.

Iconic Coffee Shops in Greece

Greece’s coffee culture stretches back centuries, with the first “kafeneio” opening in 1475. Despite economic hardships and changing trends, the nation’s love for coffee continues to thrive, reflected in its iconic coffee shops that perfectly blend tradition and modern nuances.

Samba Coffee Roasters: Small but Special

Nestled in Kolonaki, Samba Coffee Roasters stands out among iconic coffee shops in Greece. Despite its modest size, this shop is renowned for its artisanal brews, including a variety of pour-over, filter, and espresso options. Known for its atmospheric charm and skilled baristas, Samba Coffee Roasters offers an authentic, high-quality coffee experience that can delight even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.

Cultivos Coffee Shop: Hidden Gems

Another standout in Greece’s coffee scene is Cultivos Coffee Shop, a local favorite located in the picturesque streets of Athens. It’s a hidden gem that provides consistently tasty coffee and a homely ambiance. This haven is well-loved by locals and tourists alike, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the authentic flavors of Greek coffee. Despite economic challenges, places like Cultivos have shown resilience, underscoring the cultural importance of coffee in Greece.

Iconic Coffee Shops Location Specialties
Samba Coffee Roasters Kolonaki, Athens Artisanal Brews, Espresso
Cultivos Coffee Shop Various Locations in Athens Rich Greek Coffee, Local Favorites

Top-Rated Cafes in Greece

Exploring the top-rated cafes in Greece is like a delightful journey through the very essence of Greek coffee culture. Across various cities, these cafes not only offer exceptional brews but also set the stage for social interactions, making them truly Greek coffee hotspots. With the transformative transition of Athens’ coffee scene, from the first wave to the current third wave, the city’s cafes have epitomized Greek coffee excellence.

For instance, taf has been a cornerstone since 2009, sourcing top-quality beans from Africa and Central America, while Samba Coffee Roasters, with roots dating back to 1979, has embraced modern roasting techniques to create superior coffee experiences. Similarly, Handpickers Coffee Roasters, established in 2017, is noted for its unique bean selection.

Among the highly recommended cafes, Mokka Specialty Coffee offers a blend of tradition and modernity, with its original 1923 building undergoing a stylish renovation in 1999 near Athens’ central market. Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies, a chilled spot since 2016, serves an inviting menu alongside their delightful coffee, making it one of the top-rated cafes in Greece.

The Coffee Berry chain is frequently mentioned for providing a reliable Freddo Cappuccino, while The Rabbit Punch at Pangrati stands out for its specialty coffee, backed by the expertise of the 2019 Runner-Up of the World Barista Championships. Café enthusiasts also speak highly of Kick Cafe at Kypseli for its excellent coffee experiences, and Kudu Coffee Roasters at Neo Psychiko for its remarkable Greek coffee offerings.

Additionally, Foyer Espresso Bar in Pangrati, Lumidi Coffee Roasters at Omonia, and branches in Piraeus and Athens Airport cater to diverse coffee preferences, creating spaces that resonate both with locals and travelers. These establishments are indeed highly recommended cafes and key players in Greece’s evolving coffee narrative, reflecting the best of traditional and contemporary coffee culture.

Cafe Name Established Unique Features Location
taf 2009 Beans from Africa and Central America Athens
Samba Coffee Roasters 1979 Modern roasting techniques Athens
Handpickers Coffee Roasters 2017 Curated bean selection Athens
Mokka Specialty Coffee 1923 Historic building near central market Athens
Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies 2016 Greek yogurt, sandwiches, desserts Athens
Coffee Berry Quality Freddo Cappuccino Various
The Rabbit Punch Specialty coffee by barista champion Pangrati
Kick Cafe Excellent coffee experience Kypseli
Kudu Coffee Roasters Excellent Greek coffee Neo Psychiko
Foyer Espresso Bar Highly recommended coffee Pangrati
Lumidi Coffee Roasters Range of coffee beans Omonia, Piraeus, Athens Airport

This vibrant coffee landscape, reflected through these top-rated cafes, continues to thrive with 62 shares of this article across platforms like Flipboard, Facebook, and Pinterest, spreading the word about the unmatched Greek coffee excellence.

Buying Greek Coffee: Best Brands to Take Home

For those like me who can’t leave Greece without a piece of its aromatic culture, buying Greek coffee from well-established brands is a delightful way to cherish the experience. Here’s a look at two standout options you can’t miss.

Lumidi Coffee Roasters

Lumidi Coffee Roasters offers a diverse range of Greek coffee blends that cater to traditional tastes and modern preferences. Established by passionate coffee enthusiasts, this brand is known for its meticulous roasting techniques and commitment to quality. Lumidi Coffee Roasters has gained acclaim for producing some of the best Greek coffee brands available, ensuring every sip is a journey through Greece’s rich coffee history.

Loumidis Coffee: The Cult Favorite

When exploring options for buying Greek coffee, Loumidis Coffee Shop undeniably stands out. Originating in the 1920s by the Loumidis brothers, this brand has become synonymous with Greek coffee excellence. Famous for its captivating and iconic advertisements, Loumidis has not only been a staple in Greek households but also enjoys global recognition. Acquired by Nestle in 1987, Loumidis coffee stands out for its rich flavors and quality, making it a perfect choice for those who want to bring home a taste of Greece.

Both Lumidi Coffee Roasters and Loumidis Coffee Shop offer an authentic Greek coffee experience, reflecting the country’s deep-rooted traditions and contemporary advancements. These brands, with their storied histories and dedication to quality, ensure that you can savor the true essence of Greek coffee right at home.


As I conclude my exploration through Greece’s coffee landscape, it’s clear that this nation holds a profound love for the art of coffee making. From historic brands like Bravo Greek Coffee, established in Athens in 1923, and Loumidis Greek coffee, which the Loumidis brothers initiated in the 1920s, to the modern espresso bars across the cities, each place offers a unique peek into Greek coffee culture.

Greece’s coffee shops encapsulate both tradition and innovation. The enduring legacy of brands such as Ouzounoglou, promoting coffee perfection since 1928, and Nektar Greek Coffee, founded in the 1950s, stands tall beside newer trends like the frappé, which took the nation by storm in the 1950s. Whether you’re indulging in a traditional Greek coffee brewed over heat or savoring a Nescafé Greek frappé, the depth of flavor and history is palpable.

Whether you’re wandering through the bustling streets of Chania, the capital of Cretan gastronomy, or savoring a cup at Heraklion’s Crop café, which prides itself on roasting its own beans, Greece promises an ultimate Greek coffee experience. Each coffee shop, whether a café in Crete offering delightful local dishes like chochlios or an Athens bistro serving Greek coffee with loukoumi, contributes to making Greece a true coffee lovers’ paradise. This Greek coffee shop guide is your passport to relishing the authentic tastes and vibrant culture that make Greek coffee a cherished tradition.


What makes Greek coffee unique?

Greek coffee is known for its finely ground coffee beans brewed slowly over heat and served in small cups. The strong, rich flavor, unique foam called kaimaki, and the tradition of reading fortunes from coffee grounds are distinctive features of Greek coffee.

Which are the best coffee shops to visit in Athens?

Some of the top coffee shops in Athens include Cherchez La Femme for a traditional experience, Dope Roasting Co. for a trendy atmosphere, and Taf Coffee for those seeking high-quality, expertly brewed coffee.

What is Cherchez La Femme famous for?

Cherchez La Femme, located near Ermous Street in Athens, is known for its traditional Greek coffee served with Loukoumi, its bistro-style ambiance, and outdoor seating that offers a cultural and relaxing experience.

Are there any coffee shops in Athens that cater to vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, ANANA Coffee & Food is a great option for vegetarians and vegans. With its 1950s decor and outdoor seating, it provides a delightful and inclusive environment for all.

What are some must-visit coffee houses in Greece?

Must-visit coffee houses in Greece include Mokka near Athens’ Central Market, Carpo for its combination of exquisite coffee and gourmet treats, and Taf Coffee for its high-quality options and knowledgeable staff.

What are some popular Greek coffee chains?

Some popular Greek coffee chains are Coffee Berry, offering quality coffee for those on the go, Rabbit Punch at Pangrati, known for specialty coffee, and Kick Cafe at Kypseli, favored by locals for its blend of friendliness and great coffee.

Can you recommend some iconic coffee shops in Greece?

Iconic coffee shops in Greece include Samba Coffee Roasters, renowned for its artisanal brews and expertise in coffee, and Cultivos Coffee Shop, a hidden gem favored by locals and tourists for its consistent quality.

Where can I buy Greek coffee to take home?

Lumidi Coffee Roasters and Loumidis Coffee are excellent brands to take home. These shops offer a variety of aromatic blends and provide education on traditional brewing methods to help you recreate the authentic experience.

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