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When I arrived in Athens, I was struck by its beauty. The mix of ancient ruins and modern sights was breathtaking. Exploring the historic streets, it became clear why many seek luxury stays here. Athens has incredible views of the Acropolis and lovely spots by Piraeus Port. It offers an experience you won’t forget.

Finding a top-notch vacation spot in Athens means waking up to amazing views. You can enjoy first-class amenities and luxury that mixes old charm with new style. Imagine staying in a hotel with a garden rooftop that overlooks the Parthenon or a special rental in a quaint area. The luxury lodging choices in Greece are amazing. Let’s look closer at these wonderful places where you can see history and luxury come together.

Key Takeaways – Premium Vacation Stays in Athens

  • The average nightly price for vacation rentals in Athens is €715, with options ranging from €80 to €2,715.
  • Accommodations boast complex attributes with up to 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and sizes ranging from 73 m² to 350 m².
  • Exclusive vacation rentals are available in scenic seaside locations such as Piraeus Port, Marathon, and Lagonisi.
  • Athens offers 22 hotels and other places to stay, with luxury hotels like Gatsby Athens receiving top ratings.
  • Luxury accommodations in Athens are renowned for their historical significance and modern amenities.
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Introduction to Premium Vacation Stays in Athens

Athens is a city where ancient history meets modern luxury. This bustling metropolis welcomes those looking for top-notch vacation spots. Every stay offers a mix of elegance and comfort. This ensures the finest Greek hospitality for you.

Imagine staying in exclusive vacation rentals in Athens. These places offer both comfort and a taste of Athenian charm. They’re near the Acropolis, Plaka, and Syntagma Square. With 2,909 options available, Athens caters to everyone’s luxurious preferences.

The Arethusa Hotel is at the heart of the city. It has a “Very good” 8.3 rating from 5,121 reviews. The Grand Hyatt Athens features a new spa and a rooftop pool. The view of the Acropolis from here is stunning.

Right next to Syntagma Square is the Electra Hotel Athens, with a “Fabulous” 8.7 rating by 4,632 reviewers. Closer to Metaxourgeio Metro Station, Hotel Cosmos earns an 8.0 rating from 4,377 reviews. Each place aims to make your Athens visit unforgettable.

Choosing these accommodations offers special benefits. If you book through their website or app, you get a 10% off. There are even more discounts for direct bookings. Plus, enjoy early check-in or late check-out when available. Early bookings also get discounts on Acrylic Stay services.

Each location is proud of its unique, top-notch services. They promise warm hospitality and memorable experiences. Stay in cozy places or explore famous sites and neighborhoods. Athens guarantees exceptional times.

Top Luxury Hotels for an Exclusive Experience

Athens has luxury hotels and 5-star places perfect for a grand stay. Let’s look at the top hotels in Athens that offer exclusive experiences. These hotels add luxury to the historic charm of the city.

Hotel Grande Bretagne: A Historical Gem

Staying at the Hotel Grande Bretagne means living in luxury and history. It’s among the top luxury hotels in Athens. It has stunning views of the Acropolis, beautiful gardens, and grand architecture. Here, guests enjoy top amenities and great service.

Electra Metropolis: Modern Elegance

Electra Metropolis is perfect for fans of modern style. This Athens luxury hotel has a rooftop pool and sun terrace. Its modern design fits well with Athens’ old charm. That’s why it’s a top choice.

The Athens Gate Hotel

The Athens Gate Hotel is close to the Temple of Olympian Zeus. It has elegant rooms with great views of the Acropolis and Athens. It’s known for its great location and luxury. Visitors like it for its easy access to ancient sites and modern comforts.

Planning a trip to Athens? These luxury hotels offer more than a great stay. They connect you with the rich history and culture of this ancient city.

Exclusive Vacation Rentals in Athens

If you’re looking for the comfort of a home with top amenities, Athens has some great choices. These luxury Athens vacation homes mix coziness, style, and amazing views. This makes your visit to the ancient city something you’ll always remember.

Poliacron Acropolis View

The Poliacron Acropolis View penthouse is a show-stopper with its location. You can wake up to views of the ancient citadel right from your balcony. With large rooms, modern design, and great amenities like a Jacuzzi and private terrace, it’s a tranquil spot close to popular sites in Thissio.

Studio 360 – Rooftop Luxury

Studio 360 Rooftop Luxury. Located in Kerameikos, this vacation rental has breathtaking 360-degree views of Athens from its rooftop. It’s perfect for couples or solo travelers. The studio has perks like daily cleaning, concierge services, and a big terrace, blending luxury with convenience seamlessly.

Plaka Penthouse with Acropolis View Terrace

The Plaka Penthouse is in historic Plaka and is the peak of Athenian luxury. It has a big terrace that offers a stunning view of the Acropolis. The inside is just as impressive, with elegant decoration, several bedrooms, and top-notch amenities to make your stay comfy. Surrounded by cafes, shops, and historical sites, the Plaka Penthouse offers a genuine yet luxurious Athens experience.

Property Location Bedrooms Price Range Amenities
Poliacron Acropolis View Thissio Up to 3 €150 – €500/night Terrace, Jacuzzi, Daily Cleaning
Studio 360 – Rooftop Luxury Kerameikos 1 €100 – €300/night Rooftop Terrace, Concierge Services, Daily Cleaning
Plaka Penthouse Plaka Up to 4 €200 – €800/night Terrace with Acropolis View, Multiple Bedrooms, High-End Amenities

Athens offers exclusive vacation rentals for all tastes and budgets, with prices from €100/night to €800/night. Whether it’s the Poliacron Acropolis View, Studio 360, or the Plaka Penthouse, you’re in for a treat. Each place promises luxury and a touch of history.

Why Choose Premium Vacation Stays in Athens?

Thinking about reasons to book luxury accommodation in Greece? Athens is a top choice. It offers more than great looks and locations. Premium stays here add exclusive services and amenities to your visit. Whether for business or fun, these properties make memories.

Luxurious decor and stunning views are just the start at premium Athenian accommodation. Places like Divani Palace Acropolis and Electra Metropolis boast amazing Acropolis views. And spots like Hotel Grande Bretagne have spa services, top dining, and rooftop pools.

Gallery Suites and Residences cater to families with comfortable and luxurious settings. For romance, The Modernist provides a modern, boutique atmosphere.

Athens offers great options for those on a budget too. InnAthens combines affordability with closeness to the Acropolis. In the Plaka District, A77 Suites by Andronis has suites that feel like the Greek islands and are near historic sites.

Piraeus stands out with its historic port and lively vibe. It’s great for mixing history with present-day excitement. Shops, restaurants, and cultural spots make Piraeus inviting.

Choosing premium Athenian accommodation means you’re in for an authentic Athenian adventure. With luxury rooms and unique amenities, your Athens stay will blend history with luxury.

Whether you want excellent service, to dive into history, or enjoy a romantic stay, Athens meets your needs. Experience Greece’s best by picking a premium stay in this dynamic city.

Athenian Neighborhoods for Luxury Accommodations

Athens is a city of many colors, with different neighborhoods that offer luxury stays. Each area, from Plaka’s old-world charm to Monastiraki’s lively streets and Koukaki’s trendy atmosphere, shows a unique side of Athens. They all bring something special to the city’s cultural mix.

Plaka: Historic Charm

Plaka sits at the heart of Athens and is famous for its history and beauty. It’s a pedestrian area filled with narrow streets, beautiful buildings, and shops. Being close to the Acropolis, it’s perfect for tourists wanting history and luxury together. It’s among the top places to stay in Athens.

Monastiraki: Central and Lively

Monastiraki is known for its fantastic flea market and busy squares. It’s central, making getting to places like the Parthenon easy. The area is also great for shopping, with both big names and local stores. Staying here means luxurious comfort right where everything happens.

Koukaki: Trendy and Vibrant

Koukaki has become trendy, known for its cool cafes and art. It has a relaxed yet stylish vibe, different from other areas. With attractions close by, it’s perfect for those who love culture and comfort. It’s a top choice for a stay in Athens.

Unique Amenities in Luxury Accommodations

In Athens, luxury stays aren’t just about rooms or suites. They’re an entire experience. You’ll find amenities that make your holiday special. From wellness to food, to stunning views, there’s something for everyone.

Spa and Wellness Facilities

Relax your body and soul with premium spa and wellness options. Exclusive accommodation facilities offer top spa amenities for you. Enjoy massages, facials, and holistic treatments. Athens’ spa resorts are peaceful havens in the city.

Gourmet Dining and Rooftop Bars

Athens lets you explore culinary delights without leaving your hotel. Enjoy gourmet dining with the best Mediterranean flavors. Then, relax at rooftop bars with amazing city views. There, enjoy a cocktail as you take in the skyline.

luxury hotel amenities

Panoramic Views of Iconic Landmarks

Luxury stays in Athens offer unmatched views. Wake up to the Acropolis or watch the sunset over the Parthenon. Properties like Kinglin luxury apartments are close to important sites. This includes the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the famous Museum of the Acropolis.

Luxury stays in Athens offer more than just a place to sleep. They provide a full sensory experience. With premium amenities, stunning views, and gourmet food, your stay will be unforgettable. Athens is ideal for those who seek the best.

Embark on a Week of Luxury: Your Athenian Itinerary

Discover the best of Athens with a luxury itinerary. From the start, enjoy the finest experiences that this historic city offers. You will be surrounded by elegance and history, with exclusive tours and relaxation.

Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation

Once you land at Athens Airport, a private driver will take you to your luxurious hotel. Choose from the grand Hotel Grande Bretagne, the chic Electra Metropolis, or The Athens Gate Hotel with its great location. The day ends with spa relaxation or dining at rooftop bars, overlooking Athens.

Day 2: Explore the Acropolis

The next day is about exploring the Acropolis, a UNESCO site full of ancient stories. A private tour will guide you through historic landmarks like the Parthenon and Temple of Zeus. The day wraps up with exquisite Greek cuisine, enjoyed through a private chef experience or wine tasting.

Your adventure continues with a yacht tour along the Athenian Riviera. Enjoy the clear waters and top-notch service. The day includes a sunset cruise to Cape Sounio, facing the Temple of Poseidon.

Athenian Luxury Travel Itinerary Acropolis Exploration Private Yacht Tours in Athens
Relaxes at 5-star accommodations Historical insight with a private guide Exclusive service and scenic views
Spa treatments and gourmet dining Visits to Parthenon and Temple of Zeus Sunset cruise to Cape Sounio
Private driver from Athens Airport Rich cultural experiences Crystal-clear waters and luxury amenities

Indulge in Athenian Flavors: A Culinary Journey

Athens is a culinary dream for food lovers. It combines history and delicious tastes. From exploring old tavernas in the Plaka to trying new dishes on Lycabettus Hill, the city has unique food experiences.

Start an Athens culinary tour to taste the best of Athenian gastronomy. Enjoy a traditional meze platter full of local favorites. You’ll find dishes like feta, olives, and spanakopita, showcasing Greece’s cooking legacy.

Food preparation in Athens is seen as an art, especially fermentation. Dishes like tzatziki and sourdough bread highlight ancient skills. Also, olive oil plays a crucial role in making dishes delicious.

Take part in Greek cuisine experiences through cooking classes led by skilled chefs. These classes are interactive and let you dive into Greek cooking. You’ll work with spices and herbs like oregano and bay leaves.

Experience olive harvesting activities too. It’s a chance to learn about local agriculture. This makes your meals even more meaningful and personal.

High-end food tours in Athens focus on being eco-friendly. You can choose from 6 or 10 tastings, including local drinks. Prices start at $78.55, with clear costs and discounts for groups.

Join me in savoring Athens’ real tastes, where dishes tell stories, and every flavor is a trip into Greek culinary traditions.

To make your trip even better, stay at a luxury Athens hotel. The Hotel Grande Bretagne alone has eight places to dine. They offer a wide range of tastes.

Activity Description
4-Day Tour of Mycenae, Epidaurus, Olympia, Delphi & Meteora A top multi-day excursion showcasing historical and culinary heritage.
Cooking Classes Hands-on learning with experienced Greek chefs.
Traditional Meze Dishes Experience the prevalence and significance of small plate dining in Athenian cuisine.
Olive Harvest Activities Engage in traditional agricultural practices.
Iconic Greek Salad A must-try dish showcasing the cultural significance of Greek culinary traditions.

The joy of Greek cuisine experiences is more than just eating. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in Athenian flavors. Let every bite take you deeper into the city’s rich food history.


When looking back at my luxury travel to Athens, it’s clear this city blends ancient charm with modern luxury. The Hotel Grande Bretagne stands out, showcasing luxury since 1874. High-end vacation rentals add a personal touch to every stay, showing Athens’ best.

The historic and upscale atmosphere of Athens is unforgettable. The Hotel Grande Bretagne, revitalized with an 82 million euro restoration in 2003, mixes old and new luxuries. Its Royal Suite, at over 400 square meters, has welcomed stars like Elizabeth Taylor. This showcases Athens’ luxury travel scene.

Athens also offers unique cultural and food experiences. The Kallimarmaro Stadium’s rich history and Alexander’s Bar’s world-class service highlight this. Forbes magazine even named Alexander’s Bar the Best Hotel Bar, known for its exotic drinks. These spots add to the city’s premier luxury vacation.

Athens is unforgettable, from its opulent hotels to its one-of-a-kind vacation rentals. It combines history and modern luxury flawlessly. For those seeking luxury, Athens is a top pick, filled with memories of grandeur and indulgence.


What are some of the best places to stay in Athens?

Top places to stay in Athens include Hotel Grande Bretagne, Electra Metropolis, and the Athens Gate Hotel. These spots offer luxury. You can also find exclusive vacation rentals. Look at Poliacron Acropolis View penthouse, Studio 360, and Plaka Penthouse with Acropolis View Terrace.

Why should I choose premium vacation stays in Athens?

Choosing premium stays in Athens means luxury and culture. Enjoy opulent interiors and prime spots. These places offer top-notch service. They let you dive deep into Athens’ rich heritage.

What unique amenities can I expect from luxury accommodations in Athens?

Expect spa and wellness areas, gourmet Mediterranean dining, and rooftop bars. They overlook Athens’ landmarks. These perks make your stay memorable.

Which neighborhoods in Athens offer the best luxury accommodations?

Look at Plaka, Monastiraki, and Koukaki for luxury stays. Plaka charms with history. Monastiraki has lively markets. Koukaki is trendy. Each area has its own vibe.

What makes the Hotel Grande Bretagne a top-rated choice in Athens?

Hotel Grande Bretagne is historic with stunning Acropolis views. It has a rooftop garden. Enjoy high-end amenities and great service. It’s a top pick.

Are there any exclusive vacation rentals in Athens suitable for a luxury stay?

Yes, find luxury in Athens with exclusive rentals. Check out Poliacron Acropolis View penthouse, Studio 360, and Plaka Penthouse. Enjoy home privacy with luxury perks.

What can I expect from a luxury travel itinerary in Athens?

A luxury Athens itinerary includes relaxing at fine accommodations. Also, explore the Acropolis. Don’t miss a yacht trip along the Athenian Riviera. Expect unforgettable days.

What culinary experiences should I try in Athens?

Athens invites you on a culinary adventure. Taste traditional-to-modern Greek foods. Enjoy these at tavernas in Plaka or atop Lycabettus Hill. Pair with local wines for a true flavor journey.

What makes Electra Metropolis a standout luxury hotel?

Electra Metropolis shines with modern elegance. It has a sleek design and rooftop pool with views. Enjoy luxury amenities and superior service. It’s a top luxury pick.

How do I choose between staying in a luxury hotel or an exclusive vacation rental in Athens?

The choice is yours. Pick luxury hotels like Hotel Grande Bretagne for amenities and service. Or choose rentals like Studio 360 for privacy and a homely vibe. Both offer luxury in Athens.
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