Top 5 Pizza Places in Athens Greece | Insider’s Guide

As a pizza lover, I have explored the pizza scene in Athens, Greece. The city is known for its rich variety of pizza, from traditional styles to new creations. In this guide, I will uncover the best pizza spots in Athens. You will learn about the hidden gems and local favorites that make the city’s pizza culture stand out.

My journey started at a small pizzeria down a hidden alley. The smell of the pizza drew me in, and I never looked back. As I roamed the city, I found many pizza places, each with their special touch and commitment to quality.

If you love all kinds of pizza, this guide is for you. It will lead you to Athens’ top 5 pizza places for a memorable eating experience. Join us as we explore the diverse world of pizza in Athens, leaving you excited for your next trip to Greece.

Top 5 Pizza Places in Athens Greece
Top 5 Pizza Places in Athens Greece


Key Takeaways – Top 5 Pizza Places in Athens Greece

  • Discover the top 5 pizza places in Athens, Greece, offering a diverse range of styles and flavors.
  • Explore hidden gems, neighborhood favorites, and must-visit pizza spots throughout the city.
  • Learn about the city’s evolving pizza culture, from traditional Neapolitan to innovative fusion creations.
  • Indulge in mouthwatering reviews of the most authentic and delicious pizzerias in Athens.
  • Gain insider tips and insights to enhance your pizza-dining experience in the Greek capital.

Granello: Neapolitan Sourdough Perfection

In the heart of Athens, Granello is a precious find. It celebrates Neapolitan pizza-making traditions. The chef makes pizzas with a natural sourdough base. This creates a tender and airy crust with deliciously charred spots. The granello pizzeria athens features various options, all highlighting the chef’s skill in making authentic neapolitan pizza athens.

Mouthwatering Margherita Pizza

Granello’s Margherita pizza is exceptional. It’s topped with creamy fior di latte, San Marzano tomatoes, and basil. This is a prime example of simple, yet wonderful, Neapolitan cuisine flavors.

Fiery Favorites: Vulcana and Piccante

Granello offers adventurous choices like the vulcana pizza athens and piccante pizza athens. The Vulcana has spicy nduja, while the Piccante includes hot salami and chili honey. These choices are sure to please those who prefer bold flavors.

Decadent Imola with Smoked Pancetta

The Imola pizza is a real treat. It mixes sliced potatoes, Parmesan, mozzarella, and Gorgonzola. The added smoked pancetta makes it rich and satisfying.

Granello is really into neapolitan-style pizza athens and charred crust pizza athens. Every bite shows their dedication. It’s a top choice for pizza lovers looking for genuine, great dining in Athens.

Tzaiant: Daring Fusion and Secret Dough

At Tzaiant, the goal is to make perfect dough topped with amazing flavors. The fig pizza stands out with its mix of figs, anchovies, and olives. You can also enjoy pizzas with potato and squash, vegan choices, or pesto with pepper and onion. Tzaiant is all about mixing flavors in exciting ways, making pizzas that go beyond your wildest dreams.

Innovative Flavor Combinations

The Tzaiant team in Athens loves trying new flavor combinations. They mix Greek ingredients with modern pizza styles. This leads to interesting pizzas like the gourmet fig pizza. They’re always looking for new ways to wow you at tzaiant pizzeria athens.

Gourmet Fig Pizza Delight

The gourmet fig pizza at Tzaiant is a must-try. It blends sweet figs with salty anchovies and tangy olives. This fig pizza athens dish shows off the chef’s bold flavor pairings. Customers love how each bite is a surprise with delicious tastes.

48-Hour Matured Dough

Tzaiant’s pizza dough is special, maturing for 48 hours. This lets the flavors deepen, creating a unique base for their pizzas. The use of the best Greek ingredients is key. The result is a crust that’s the perfect start to Tzaiant’s creative pizzas.

Greek-Sourced Quality Ingredients

Tzaiant is focused on quality, starting with its dough and ingredients sourced locally in Greece. Using fresh, flavorful components makes their pizzas extra tasty. For customers, this means every bite is filled with the best Greek flavors at greek ingredients pizza athens.

To Hatiri: Neapolitan Pizzas in Pagrati’s Alley

In the Pagrati neighborhood of Athens, To Hatiri is a hidden gem. It opens at 7:30 pm. This unique bistro serves dishes like entrecôte, French onion soup, Neapolitan-style pizzas, and Greek traditional food.

Unexpected Dining Experience

The restaurant is in a quiet alley, creating a special atmosphere. It offers To Hatiri‘s unique dishes to guests. Their menu suits many different tastes.

Authentic Neapolitan-Style Pizzas

To Hatiri is known for its delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas. They make their pizza crust with natural sourdough. This method highlights Athens’ high standards for pizza.

Diverse Menu Offerings

Along with the famous Neapolitan pizzas, To Hatiri has dishes like entrecôte and French onion soup. This mix caters to various tastes. It makes dining there a special experience in the Pagrati neighborhood.

Top 5 Pizza Places in Athens Greece

Athens, Greece, has many amazing pizza spots. These include Crust in Psyrri, Nolita in Kifissia, and School Pizza Bar. School Pizza Bar is unique, providing various pizzas, salads, desserts, and drinks.

Crust: NY-Style Slices in Psyrri

Crust in Psyrri offers a taste of New York-style pizza in Athens. They make thin, foldable crusts just like New York’s. Whether you like simple Margherita or new toppings, Crust has something for everyone.

Nolita: Chic Italian Pizzeria in Kifissia

Nolita in Kifissia is a stylish place. It makes guests feel like they’re in Italy. They make wood-fired pizzas with quality ingredients, like truffle and prosciutto.

School Pizza Bar: Classroom-Inspired Eatery

School Pizza Bar is unique. It’s about eating in a fun classroom setting. They offer traditional and creative pizzas, plus more dishes. It’s a place of joy and good food.

Pizza Place Neighborhood Signature Pizzas Unique Features
Crust Psyrri New York-Style, Margherita Thin, foldable crust
Nolita Kifissia Truffle, Prosciutto Wood-fired oven, high-quality ingredients
School Pizza Bar Athens Neapolitan-Style, Fusion Creations Classroom-inspired ambiance, diverse menu

Healthy and Dietary-Friendly Options

If you’re looking for healthy pizza choices, head over to Mystic Pizza in Athens. They use fresh, organic ingredients like organic cannabis flour and Cretan olive oil. This makes their pizzas both delicious and better for you. And don’t worry if you have dietary restrictions. They have gluten-free pizzas, salads, and other dishes.

At Mystic Pizza, the menu also lists calorie intake and nutritional value information. This helps you enjoy your meal without ditching your healthy eating plan. So, if you want a healthy or dietary-friendly pizza, Mystic Pizza in Athens is the place to go. They’re all about quality, organic ingredients, and giving you the info you need to make good choices.

Italian Traditions in Athens

Athens has welcomed Italian traditions, especially in the pizza scene. You can find many places with real Italian-style pizzas. For example, Impasto in Kolonaki serves thin-crust pizzas al taglio, which means they are cut like in Italy. This lets people try lots of toppings. Cupola in Pangrati mixes Greek and Italian tastes well. They use fresh Italian ingredients and bake Neapolitan-style pizzas in a wood oven. Over in Nea Penteli, Coupepe offers both white and tomato-based pizzas. They top these pizzas with quality Italian ingredients like mozzarella di bufala and bresaola.

Impasto: Authentic Italian Pizzas al Taglio

Located in Kolonaki, Impasto is a small pizzeria that stands out. It specializes in italian pizzas al taglio. Here, you can enjoy slices of thin-crust pizza. They have classic choices like margherita and more unique ones, too.

Cupola: Neapolitan Perfection in Pangrati

In Pangrati, Cupola brings neapolitan-style pizza to Greeks perfectly. They focus on fresh italian ingredients and cooking pizzas in a wood oven. This captures the real spirit of making traditional Neapolitan pizzas.

Coupepe: Italian Gems in Nea Penteli

Coupepe in Nea Penteli is known for its variety of pizzas. They offer white pizzas and ones with tomato sauce. All pizzas are topped with top-notch italian products such as mozzarella di bufala and bresaola. It’s a great place for exploring italian pizza traditions in Athens.

Pizza Culture in Athens

The pizza scene in Athens has changed a lot in the last ten years. Thick and dry pizzas covered in too much cheese were the norm. But now, things are different. A wave of new pizza makers has arrived, bringing creativity and a fresh outlook.

From Greasy Cheese to Artisanal Delights

In Athens, pizza used to be all about greasy cheese. Now, it’s about artisanal pizzas with sourdough crusts. They’re making these with top-notch, local ingredients in exciting new ways.

This change has been warmly welcomed. Many places are now famous for their sourdough pizzas. This has created a new chapter in Athens’ pizza story.

Sourdough Craze and Local Ingredients

Athens is all about sourdough pizza athens now. Places are proud to use local, quality ingredients. This means better pizzas and more respect for the skill and care that each pie gets.

Insider Tips for Pizza Lovers

Visiting Athens for some amazing pizza? Here are some tips to really enjoy it. Evening is the best time to hit popular pizza places. Some like To Hatiri, open for dinner only, serve unique pizzas with Greek twists.

Best Time to Visit

Planning to dine at top pizza spots in Athens? Evenings are perfect since many places open late. To Hatiri, a famous spot, opens 7:30 pm, giving you a tasty dinner time.

Navigating the Menus

When checking out pizzas in Athens, try new toppings. You’ll find combos with local Greek flair. Think fig pizzas or dishes with truffle. Having an open mind leads to finding the city’s most creative pizzas.

Pairing with Greek Wines

Want to make your pizza even better in Athens? Match them with great Greek wines. The city’s wine options can elevate pizza flavors. Try exploring local wines for the best pizza/wine experience.

Pizza Beyond the City Center

Many top pizza spots in Athens are in the city center. But, there are also hidden gems and favorites in the suburbs. Discover unique pizzas and dining vibes by visiting these less-known places.

Hidden Gems in Athenian Suburbs

In suburbs, pizza spots focus on using local ingredients and meeting locals’ tastes. This gives a true, special pizza experience for explorers. Places like Nea Penteli and Pangrati hide hidden gem pizza athens suburbs waiting to be found. They show how Athens’ pizza scene is always changing.

Neighborhood Favorites

Central Athens has its pizza fame, but don’t forget the neighborhood favorite pizza athens in the suburbs. These spots become local staples, known for one-of-a-kind pizzas. They show the heart of their neighborhood in each slice.


Athens, Greece, has seen big changes in its pizza scene. It’s not just about greasy slices anymore. Now, you can find all kinds of artisanal pizza places.

Want a classic Margherita or something totally new? Athens has you covered. Our guide has shown the best pizza spots in the city. Plus, we’ve shared tips for an amazing pizza experience.

From the city’s hidden spots to its local hangouts, Athens has a lot to offer pizza lovers. This city has truly become a top spot for great pizza.


What are the top 5 pizza places in Athens, Greece?

Athens, Greece has top pizza places like Granello, Tzaiant, To Hatiri, Crust, and Nolita.

What makes Granello’s pizzas so special?

Granello stands out with its Neapolitan-style sourdough pizzas. They have a tender crust and unique toppings. You’ll find classics like Margherita, spicy Vulcana, and rich Imola.

How does Tzaiant set itself apart in Athens’ pizza scene?

Tzaiant mixes pizza with traditional foods for exciting flavors. They create dishes like gourmet fig pizza. Their dough takes 48 hours and features high-quality Greek ingredients.

What makes the dining experience at To Hatiri unique?

To Hatiri is a place where you can enjoy Neapolitan pizzas with other dishes. It’s located in a cozy spot in the Pagrati neighborhood.

What are some of the other top pizza places in Athens?

You can’t miss Crust in Psyrri for New York-style pizzas. Nolita, located in Kifissia, is a stylish spot for Italian pizzas.

Where can I find healthier and dietary-friendly pizza options in Athens?

Look for Mystic Pizza in Athens for organic, gluten-free, and light pizza choices. It’s perfect for those with dietary needs or who love healthy food.

How has the pizza culture in Athens evolved over the years?

Athens’ pizza scene has grown from thick, oily pizzas to artisanal choices. Pizzerias now focus on quality, offering Neapolitan-style options with local, good ingredients.

What are some insider tips for pizza lovers visiting Athens?

For a great pizza experience, visit Athens in the evening. Be ready to try new flavors. Don’t forget to pair your pizza with fine Greek wines. Explore beyond the main city for hidden favorite places.

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