Top 5 Pizza Places Thessaloniki Greece

One summer night in Thessaloniki, I strolled the stone streets. Surrounding me were sounds from local tavernas and the smell of fresh dough. This city was founded in 315 BC, filled with ancient sites and beautiful beaches.

It’s also a dream for pizza lovers. You can explore busy Aristotelous Square or enjoy a quiet night in Ladadika. Each place here offers amazing pizzas made with ancient techniques and modern flair.

Thessaloniki is a mix of different pizzas, from creative gourmet to traditional styles. Its food scene matches the city’s lively spirit, which stays warm most of the year. This energy extends to its diverse food offerings.

Are you ready to try Thessaloniki’s gourmet pizzas? Or maybe you want to find a new local favorite. Our top picks will ensure a memorable meal. Thessaloniki’s focus on making incredible pizzas is clear from our “Top 5 Pizza Places” list, making it a must for food lovers.

Top 5 Pizza Places Thessaloniki Greece
Pizza Places in Thessaloniki Greece


Key Takeaways – Top 5 Pizza Places Thessaloniki Greece

  • Thessaloniki offers an abundant choice of artisanal and gourmet pizza spots.
  • The city boasts a mix of traditional and innovative *pizza restaurants Thessaloniki* style.
  • Perfect for foodies, Thessaloniki’s pizza scene includes options for every taste – from traditional to unique culinary creations.
  • Thessaloniki’s vibrant ambiance and mild climate make it a great destination for outdoor dining.
  • Addresses and reviews make it easy for visitors to locate the top pizzerias scattered across the city.

Margherita Pizza Bar: The Authentic Italian Vibes

Margherita Pizza Bar is on the lively Proxenou Koromila street, known for its chic stores. It pulls in people with the delightful smell of pizzas from its imported Italian wood oven. You can enjoy a laid-back setting, great for late meals, where they make pizzas in front of you. They use the finest ingredients, like buffala mozzarella and San Daniele prosciutto, alongside their pizzas. They also offer fresh salads and ice-cold Moretti beer on tap.

Location and Ambience

It sits on Proxenou Koromila, offering a cozy and welcoming vibe. Inside, it feels like a traditional Italian eatery in Thessaloniki, with rustic vibes. It’s perfect for romantic dinners or fun get-togethers.

Signature Dishes and Delicacies

Margherita Pizza Bar is famous for its genuine Italian pizzas. They use top-notch ingredients such as buffala mozzarella and San Daniele prosciutto.

Alongside their pizzas, they have fresh, crisp salads. These complement the pizzas’ rich flavors well. They also have ice-cold Moretti beer, making your Italian dining experience complete.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The reviews underline why Margherita Pizza Bar is so esteemed by visitors. People love the authentic Italian taste of their food and their amazing customer service. The cozy vibe of the place in Proxenou Koromila gets a lot of praise too. These positive words speak volumes about the love for Margherita Pizza Bar.

Here’s a table summarizing some of the standout aspects according to customer reviews and ratings:

Review Aspects Highlights
Quality of Food Authentic Italian pizza with top-quality ingredients
Ambiance Charming and inviting, perfect for casual dining
Service Friendly and prompt, enhancing the overall experience
Location Conveniently situated on Proxenou Koromila

High School Pizza Bar: Nostalgia Meets Flavor

High School Pizza Bar isn’t just a place to eat. It’s a trip down memory lane. Located on Agia Irini Square, it welcomes you with a school-like vibe. You’ll find classic chairs and décor that feels like a real classroom.

Unique School-themed Interior

This pizza place brings back the old days with its design. It has old school chairs, desks, and chalkboards. Locals and tourists in Thessaloniki love the nostalgic atmosphere created. Everything, from chairs to the menu, is about reliving school memories.

Popular Menu Items

The food matches the cool atmosphere of High School Pizza Bar. Their signature pizzas Thessaloniki are something special. Made with a secret dough recipe, they are cooked in an electric stone oven. A few favorites include:

  1. Margherita: A classic with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.
  2. Bacon Delight: Has crispy bacon, peppers, and mushrooms on top.
  3. Pepperoni Passion: Full of tasty pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.
  4. Veggie Feast: Offers a variety of fresh veggies for a healthy option.

The ambiance and pizzas at High School Pizza Bar make a memorable visit. It’s a great place for both locals and tourists to enjoy. For a nostalgic and tasty meal in Thessaloniki, this place is a top pick.

Exclusive Insights on Pizza Restaurants Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki has a special pizza scene full of unique delights. It stands out with its inventive pizzas and unique style. Each pizza place here offers something different and amazing. They make Thessaloniki a must-visit for anyone who loves pizza.

What Sets Them Apart

In Thessaloniki, pizza places focus on more than just great pizzas. They make sure you have a fantastic time while you eat. Here is what makes these pizzerias special:

  • Exclusive Recipes: Local places in Thessaloniki mix classic recipes with new ideas. This makes every pizza taste one-of-a-kind.
  • Thematic Environments: From nostalgic school vibes at High School Pizza Bar to real Italian feels at Margherita Pizza Bar, your visit will be unforgettable.
  • Locally-Sourced Ingredients: Many choose fresh ingredients from the area. This not only improves their food but also helps the community.
  • Innovative Techniques: They use advanced ways of cooking, like wood-fired ovens at Del Vecchio’s Pizzeria. This brings out amazing flavors in their pizzas.

Thessaloniki’s pizza spots offer more than just tasty food. They take you on a cultural journey. Being the second largest Greek city, Thessaloniki is lively and has many great places to eat and drink by the sea. It’s a top pick for anyone looking for the best pizza experiences.

Let’s compare some popular pizza places in Thessaloniki:

Restaurant Specialty Location
Margherita Pizza Bar Authentic Italian Pizzas City Center
High School Pizza Bar Themed Experience Suburban Area
Del Vecchio’s Pizzeria Wood-Fired Pizzas Near the Port
Pizzeria Domenico Classic Neapolitan Pizzas East Thessaloniki
La Bella Napoli Gourmet Toppings West Thessaloniki

These spots are what make pizza in Thessaloniki so unique. Anyone, whether they’re from Thessaloniki or just visiting, will find amazing pizzas and unforgettable dining at these places.

A Slice from Italy: Del Vecchio’s Pizzeria

In Thessaloniki, Italy’s flavors come alive at Del Vecchio’s Pizzeria. This eatery is famous for bringing Italy’s food culture to life. It’s loved by both locals and visitors.

Authentic Ingredients and Recipes

At Del Vecchio’s, every dish is true to Italian authenticity. They bring in the finest ingredients directly from Italy. This ensures you taste real Italian quality in every bite. The team uses top-notch flour, Buffalo mozzarella from Caserta, and San Marzano tomatoes. They work hard to offer a pure Italian dining experience.

Special Wood-Fired Pizzas

A highlight at Del Vecchio’s is their wood-fired pizzas. These pizzas reflect the skill and history of the pizzeria. Cooking in a wood-fired oven gives them a unique, smoky taste. You can enjoy classic pizzas like Margherita or choose something more creative. Each pizza is a symbol of great cooking.

Top 5 Pizza Places in Thessaloniki Greece

Finding the top 5 pizza places in Thessaloniki is a fun journey. Each place offers something different. From the classic wood-fired pizzas to new, creative flavors, there’s a lot to try. For anyone excited to taste Thessaloniki’s top pizzas, this guide is a must-read.

Thessaloniki’s leading pizzerias each stand out for a reason. Now, let’s dive into your ultimate Thessaloniki pizza guide:

Pizzeria Open Hours Location Prices
La Bella Napoli 1:00 PM – 11:00 PM Roumpesi 64 $$
Crust 1:00 PM – 2:00 AM Protogenous 13 $
Cupola 12:30 PM – 12:30 AM Efforionos 13 $$$
Coupepe 8:00 AM – 1:00 AM Ir. Politechniou, Nea Penteli 152 39 $
Mystic Pizza & Pasta 1:00 PM – 12:30 AM Emmanouil Benaki 76 $$

The loved pizza places in Thessaloniki are known for their tasty pizzas and warm vibes. Whether you visit the comfy La Bella Napoli or the late-night spot Crust, these places promise a great time. Mystic Pizza & Pasta is a favorite for real Italian pizzas. Cupola offers a fancy spot for pizza, and Coupepe is great any time of day.

Exploring these popular pizza joints in Thessaloniki caters to both old-school and adventurous eaters. If you’re in the city, use this Thessaloniki pizza guide to find the finest pizzas around!

Where to Eat Pizza in Thessaloniki: Local Favorites

Looking for the best pizza in Thessaloniki? The local favorites are a must-try. These places stick to old recipes yet bring something new. They are a part of the heart of the city’s food scene. Let’s explore top picks for pizza lovers in Thessaloniki.

Pizza Hood is loved for its great atmosphere and tasty pizzas. It mixes tradition with fresh ideas. Basilico is also a top choice for those who like bold pizza flavors.

At La Pasteria, enjoy Italian meals with a Greek touch. Fresh, local ingredients make their pizzas stand out. The Last Slice is a hit for fans of both classic and new tastes.

Navona offers more than that; it’s an adventure. Their pizzas are stunning, and the tiramisu is a dream. It’s known for its commitment to great taste and quality.

Restaurant Specialty Recommendation
Pizza Hood Innovative pizzas Local favorite for family dining
Basilico Unique flavor combinations Highly recommended for a diverse menu
La Pasteria Italian and Greek twist Perfect for traditional pizza lovers
The Last Slice Balance of traditional and contemporary flavors A go-to for innovative pizzas
Navona Comprehensive dining experience Must-visit for dessert lovers

Each spot has its own pizza tale. For anyone in Thessaloniki, they’re a food journey not to miss. You’ll remember these unique pizzerias, whether you live here or are just visiting.

Popular Pizza Joints in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki has a vibrant pizza scene with places known for their amazing pizza. You can find everything from truffle oil topped shroom pizzas to simple Margherita slices. These hotspots welcome you to enjoy the city’s diverse pizza offerings.

Must-Try Locations

  • The Last Slice Pizza joint at Katouni 16 is known for its fast service. They bring out new pizzas every seven minutes, ensuring you always get a fresh slice.
  • GARBANZO, on Al. Papadiamanti 13, has a menu that’s nearly all vegan. It’s a hit with vegans and non-vegans alike.
  • To Vrasto Psinete, at Kapodistriou 7, serves a wide range of dishes from 1:00 PM until 12:00 AM. It’s a great choice for lunch or dinner.
  • Nterlikatesen, located at Mpalanou 4, is famous for its souvlaki and late-night pizzas. They serve pizza from 12:00 PM to 4:00 AM, satisfying your cravings at any time.

User-Recommended Dishes

Location User Votes Celiac Friendly
Katouni 16 19 100%
Al. Papadiamanti 13 7 100%
Kapodistriou 7 5 100%
Mpalanou 4 4 100%
Εγνατία 102 και, Agias Sofias γωνία 5 100%
Agora Modiano, Ermou 24 2 100%
Square Aristotle 3 3 66%
3-5 Morihovou Sq 2 100%
Leof. Nikis 49 4 75%
Αποθήκη Β2 Α’ Προβλήτα Λιμένα 2 50%
Agnostou Stratiotou 40, Polichni 6 100%
Thermaikou 23, Kalamaria 6 100%
Skra 16, Kalamaria 3 100%

Top-rated Pizza Spots Thessaloniki: A Local’s Guide

Exploring Thessaloniki’s pizza scene is a fun adventure. You discover hidden gem pizzerias that mix new and old styles. Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, is a food lover’s paradise. This guide helps you find the city’s secret pizza places.

Hidden Gems

Pizza Poselli stands out as a hidden gem. This place is in the lively Valaoritou area and is open late. It serves up real Italian taste, making it a must-visit pizza place in Thessaloniki.

Gialos is another unique find. It’s a fish restaurant in Kalamaria, a bit further out. It surprises with Greek pizza, giving you a taste of something different.

Got a sweet tooth? Visit Sugar Angel in the city center. It’s a favorite spot, not only for desserts but also for their delicious pizzas. The mix of sweet and savory delights makes it special.

Don’t miss Terkenlis bakery for a mix of pastries and mini pizzas. With several branches, it’s a go-to for a complete meal including dessert.

Looking for something cheesy? Mia Feta offers a lot of Greek cheese. They use it in creative ways, especially in their unique pizzas.

In short, Thessaloniki’s food scene is more than what’s on the surface. From authentic pizzas to unique cheese dishes, there’s a lot to explore in this city’s eateries.

Restaurant Location Specialty Operating Hours
Pizza Poselli Valaoritou district Authentic Italian Pizza 1 p.m. – 5:30 a.m.
Gialos Kalamaria Greek twist Pizzas Varies
Sugar Angel 1, Lassani street Savory and sweet delights Varies
Terkenlis Bakery Multiple Locations Pastries & select Pizzas Varies
Mia Feta Downtown Specialty Cheese Pizzas Varies

Best Pizza in Thessaloniki: Margherita’s Specialties

Margherita Pizza Bar stands out in Thessaloniki for its Margherita pizza. It’s known for using top-notch ingredients with a true Italian touch. The Margherita pizza features San Marzano tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. Every bite is a perfect mix of these flavors, on a well-cooked crust. This place is loved by locals and tourists alike.

This pizzeria also excels in other gourmet pizzas. They use the best ingredients to create unforgettable dishes. What makes their pizzas special is their mix of traditional and new recipe ideas. This combo makes their pizzas unique and more delicious.

If you’re after gourmet pizza in Thessaloniki, Margherita Pizza Bar is a must. The lively atmosphere and happy customers confirm its great reputation. It’s perfect for both pizza lovers and those looking for a special treat.


What are the top 5 pizza places in Thessaloniki, Greece?

In Thessaloniki, try Margherita Pizza Bar and High School Pizza Bar for quality. Don’t miss Del Vecchio’s Pizzeria too. They’re among the best.

Where can I find the best pizza in Thessaloniki?

Margherita Pizza Bar shines in Thessaloniki. It’s on Proxenou Koromila Street. Known for its top-notch, wood-fired pizzas.

What makes Margherita Pizza Bar a must-visit?

This place nails the Italian vibe and fresh, quality food. With dishes like San Daniele prosciutto, it’s hard to resist.

What is unique about High School Pizza Bar in Thessaloniki?

High School Pizza Bar takes you back to school days. It’s decorated like a school and serves secret dough recipes on their pizzas.

Why should I visit Del Vecchio’s Pizzeria in Thessaloniki?

If you love authentic Italian pizza, Del Vecchio’s is a must. They use traditional recipes and cook their pizzas in a wood fire.

How is the pizza scene in Thessaloniki different from other cities?

Thessaloniki mixes old and new for a unique scene. They blend traditional, wood-fired methods with innovative touches and local ingredients.

Where can I find top-rated pizza spots in Thessaloniki?

For the best, try Margherita Pizza Bar, High School Pizza Bar, or Del Vecchio’s. They have top-rated pizzas and amazing dining.

What are some must-try pizza joints in Thessaloniki?

Look beyond the well-known spots for hidden gems. Follow local advice to find truly unique pizzas in Thessaloniki.

What are the most popular pizza restaurants in Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki loves Margherita Pizza Bar, High School Pizza Bar, and Del Vecchio’s. They offer Italian, creative, and Neapolitan pizza, respectively.

Where can I get wood-fired pizza in Thessaloniki?

Craving wood-fired pizza? Try Margherita Pizza Bar or Del Vecchio’s. They’re known for that authentic, smoky taste.

What are some local favorites for pizza in Thessaloniki?

Locals pick Margherita Pizza Bar for classic tastes. They also love High School Pizza Bar for unique toppings. Discover even more at smaller, local places.

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