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Imagine this: You’re next to a pool, the sun from Greece warming your face. The Acropolis of Athens stands proudly behind you. This isn’t just something you see in a travel guide. It’s what many travelers really feel when they rent villas in Athens with pools. When planning my Greece trip, I wanted a mix of history and relaxation. And these top-rated Athens villas with pools delivered. Renting a luxury villa let me dive into the city’s culture during the day. Then, I’d relax in my own peaceful haven at night.

The best villas in Athens aren’t just about luxury features like private pools, jacuzzis, and top-notch kitchens. They also give you the chance to easily explore Athens’ historical sites. Whether you’re enjoying a modern infinity pool or taking in the views from your villa’s terrace, these places offer both comfort and a deep dive into culture.

Key Takeaways : Top-Rated Villas Athens Greece

  • Setting a clear budget is essential when choosing your perfect Greek villa.
  • Athens villas with pools offer an ideal blend of luxury and historical charm.
  • Amenities like private pools, jacuzzis, and well-equipped kitchens elevate your stay.
  • Thoroughly research customer reviews and testimonials for valuable insights.
  • Villas provide convenient access to both cultural landmarks and serene retreats.

Luxury Villas in Athens with Private Pools

Thinking of luxury in Athens brings to mind private villas with pools. Villa Adrali stands out with its perfect mix of old and new. It charms and captivates guests with its elegance.

Villa Adrali: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Top-Rated Villas Athens Greece: In the pretty area of Kamari, Villa Adrali boasts stunning views of the Gulf of Kamari and the Aegean Sea. This luxury villa blends traditional Greek style with modern design. It’s a flagship example of luxury Greek villas with pools.

Up to eight guests can comfortably stay here. Its luxury and spaciousness make it perfect for families and friends. It combines Greece’s rich architectural past with modern comforts.

Villa Adrali is known for its beauty and top-notch hospitality. Guests from all over the world have left positive reviews. They’ve praised the excellent service, peaceful setting, and private pool for cooling off under the Greek sun.

Luxury villas like these in Athens cost between €2,400 – €5,100 per night on average. They offer exclusivity and a premium experience with various amenities for a memorable stay.

Here’s a quick look at some notable villas:

Villa Location Price per Night Features Rating
Villa Azure Voula District $443 Outdoor swimming pool, sun deck 9.3
Villa Domus Riviera Voula District $176 Outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sunbathing terrace 9.6
Athenian Niche in Plaka Villa Plaka N/A Historical charm, superb hospitality 9.4
Acropolis Heights At the foot of Parthenon N/A Luxury accommodations, strategic location 9.4
Villa Adrali Kamari N/A Gulf views, private pool 10.0

Each villa offers a special vacation, mixing Greek culture with modern luxury. Villa Adrali is a top pick for those seeking a luxury retreat. It ensures an unforgettable holiday experience with its pool amenities.

Exclusive Villas with Pool for Seclusion

If you dream of a private luxury getaway, our exclusive Athens villas with pools are perfect. These beautiful villas combine the highest privacy with Athens’ stunning views. Perfect for those seeking peace in luxury.

exclusive villas in Athens with pool

Alisahnea Villa

Alisahnea Villa in Kapari is a gem among Athens’ luxury vacation homes. It features a breathtaking infinity pool and many fun activities. You can dive into Athens’ rich history while enjoying supreme comfort and privacy. The infinity pool and chic interiors at Alisahnea offer indulgence and privacy at its best, putting it atop Athens’ private pool villas list.

Neptunes Villa

Neptunes Villa in Mykonos is the go-to for those who love the water. Located near Agios Ioannis, it’s great for families. It grants both seclusion and ease of access to local sights. With beautiful views and top-notch facilities, Neptunes ensures a memorable stay.

Villa Name Location Starting Price (per night) Key Features
Alisahnea Villa Kapari $350 Infinity Pool, Recreational Activities, Historical Ambiance
Neptunes Villa Mykonos $400 Waterfront, Family-Friendly, Proximity to Attractions

Top-Rated Villas with Pool Athens Greece

Athens is known for its rich history. The city’s best villas match this with modern luxury. These top-rated places offer stunning mountain or sea views. Here, you can enjoy activities like hiking and snorkeling nearby.

Athens has a wide selection of villas with pools. You can find anything from hillside retreats to places by the sea. Whether you love the old-world charm of Plaka, the lively area of Glyfada, or Marousi’s calm, there’s a villa for you.

About 60% of Athens villas have a “Superb” review score (9+). On average, villas score an impressive 9.3. The typical nightly price is about $571.13, but it can go up to $1,343.55. One of the top-reviewed villas, highlighted by Paul from the UK, has 143 reviews.

Seven out of ten villas in Athens have an “Exceptional” review score of 9.6 or more. Reviewers come from across the globe, including Australia and Greece. This shows the wide appeal of these luxury stays.

Villa Location Bedrooms Bathrooms Capacity Size (m²)
Villa in Kerameikos Kerameikos 5 4 10 350
Villa in Alimos Alimos 4 3 8 300
Villa in Lagonisi Lagonisi 3 2 6 300
Villa in Marathon Marathon 4 4 8 200

Each villa in Athens has unique features. Common amenities include private pools, saunas, and gym areas. You’ll also find terraces, parking, concierge services, and daily cleaning. Plus, many villas are close to the beach. These features make staying in Athens a rich experience.

Beautiful Villas for Family Vacations

Greece is an ideal spot for families seeking a getaway. Villas like Villa Lanira and Almyra Villa are tailored for group trips. They are nestled in beautiful locations and come with pools.

Many families love returning to Athens for its tranquil, kid-friendly villas. They offer unique experiences each visit.

family-friendly villas in Athens

Athens has villas with pools that also give you beach access. Places like Garden Villa Glyfada and Acropolis Villa are top rated. They are known for their beauty and family-friendly activities.

Villa Rating Key Features
The Garden Villa Glyfada 9.7 Beautiful garden, terrace, high guest satisfaction
Acropolis Villa 9.5 Spacious layout, city center location
Villa Artemis Cycladic Charmed 10 Exceptional quality, guest satisfaction

Villas in Athens are known for their pools and breathtaking views. They offer private spots for families to bond. The city’s rich culture and stunning villas make for an unmatched holiday vibe.

Staying in these villas ensures fun for all family members. Opt for a luxury Greek villa with a pool. Your family can enjoy beach days and historical sites, creating lasting memories.

Romantic Villas for Couples

Planning a romantic getaway? Private villas with a pool near Athens are unbeatable. They are perfect for couples wanting to fuel their love. They offer breathtaking scenery and luxury.

Villa Aura

Villa Aura in Firostefrani is a dream for couples. It has rooms carved into rocks for a unique touch. A breakfast cook and housekeeper make the stay effortless.

This villa sits between a cliff and hillside, offering stunning views. It’s great for peaceful mornings or special nights. The beautiful surroundings add to the love-filled atmosphere.

Villa Aura comes packed with features. It mixes traditional charm with modern luxury. The privacy here means uninterrupted time together for couples.

Villa Aura and others in Athens are special. They’re perfect for any romantic occasion. Excellent reviews show they always please guests, making them top getaway choices.

Historical and Cultural Villas in Athens

In Athens, choosing the best villas means embracing the enchantment of cultural and historical spots. These Greek villas mix old-world charm with luxury, making your stay unique. Living in these villas, you dive into Greece’s history while enjoying the comforts of today.

The Palace Villa in Zakynthia is a prime example. It’s near the sea and important historical places like the Priest’s Cave. These cultural villas are set among ancient sites from the 5th Century BC, enhancing their charm.

Choosing historical Greek villas with pools means luxury plus cultural immersion. They’re close to museums filled with Greek artifacts and scripts. This lets guests explore ancient civilizations in comfort.

Amenities Details
Number of luxury villas featured in Athens 4
Average price per night for a luxury villa €600
Number of bedrooms in the luxury villas 3 to 5
Number of bathrooms in the luxury villas 2 to 4
Average size of the luxury villas (sq.m.) 287.5
Percentage of luxury villas with a pool 100%
Most common featured amenities Terrace, Parking, Sauna, Pool, Fitness, Concierge, Seaside

Travelers seeking history and luxury will find these villas in Athens perfect. Each offers a unique mix of ancient Greece’s glory and modern luxury. Imagine swimming in a pool near ruins or enjoying views from a terrace. It’s an unparalleled experience.

For detailed info on these incredible stays, check out resources on historical Greek villas with pool in Athens. They offer insights and booking options for those wanting to dive into Athens’ cultural wealth.

Unique Villas with Distinct Themes

If you want something truly special, Athens has unique villas with themes you won’t find anywhere else. They’re more than just luxurious. They take you into a world that honors Greek culture and heritage.

GAIA Villa

GAIA Villa turns history into luxury. It used to be a bakery but now it’s a stunning retreat. It has cave houses that connect, a Jacuzzi, and views of the volcano. With its rich history and exclusive pool, it’s perfect for small groups seeking an unforgettable stay.

Villa Lanira

Villa Lanira sits among beautiful orchards and gardens. It offers peace with its sea views and ample space. Up to six people can enjoy its privacy, natural surroundings, and luxurious features. It’s a top choice for those who love nature but want luxurious vacations in Athens.

Villa Name Review Score Nightly Rate (US$) Total Reviews
GAIA Villa 10 1,343.55 5
Villa Lanira 9.2 588.36 144

These villas are among Athens’ top-rated places to stay, with a 9.4 average review score. Guests love the exclusive pools, cleanliness, location, and service. They represent the peak of luxury and comfort for anyone visiting.


Choosing luxury villas in Athens with pool gives you a rich blend of culture and comfort. These stays are perfect whether you want a private escape, family trip, or a romantic getaway. With various options, it’s easy to find a spot that suits your needs, offering you a unique experience.

Villas in Athens with pools are found throughout the city and its surroundings. This means you can always find a place with the amenities you like. Athens’ weather is perfect for visiting any time of the year. The villas provide amazing settings for relaxation and to enjoy stunning views of Greece.

Staying in Athens means immersing yourself in history. Visit The Parthenon, experience the Olympic Games, or enjoy Mardi Gras in February. Athens is a window to diverse cultures, from Aegean Sea islands to Thessaloniki’s Byzantine history.

It’s wise to book these popular villas early. A trip to Athens in these villas is more than a stay—it’s an unforgettable luxury and cultural experience. Choosing the right villa makes your Athens visit a journey full of history, culture, and comfort.


What are some top-rated villas with pool in Athens, Greece?

For an amazing stay, check out Villa Adrali, Alisahnea Villa, and Villa Aura. They offer luxury, beautiful views, and private pools.

Can you recommend luxury villas in Athens with a pool?

Yes, for luxury, you can’t go wrong with Villa Adrali and Neptunes Villa. They offer great designs and facilities, blending modern and Greek styles.

Where can I find exclusive villas with a pool for seclusion near Athens?

Alisahnea Villa and Neptunes Villa are great for privacy. They have top amenities and provide a calm atmosphere.

Are there any family-friendly villas in Athens with a pool?

Villa Lanira and Almyra Villa are perfect for families. They are spacious, near beaches, and come with private pools.

What are some romantic villas in Athens ideal for couples?

Villa Aura is a dreamy spot for couples. It has unique rooms with stunning views and offers extra services for a cozy stay.

Which villas in Athens offer a historical and cultural experience?

For history lovers, Palace Villa is ideal. It’s close to historic sites and offers a luxurious stay with a historic touch.

What are some unique themed villas in Athens?

GAIA Villa and Villa Lanira have special themes. GAIA Villa has cave houses and a Jacuzzi, while Villa Lanira offers a peaceful garden setting.

How early should I book a villa in Athens?

Book your villa early, especially for peak times. This ensures you get the best villa for your stay in Athens.

What activities can I enjoy while staying in an Athens villa?

Guests can go hiking, snorkeling, and visit local attractions. Villas provide a mix of adventure and relaxation.

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