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At the heart of “Cooking with Greek People” lies a tale of passion, tradition, and the desire to share the rich tapestry of Greek culinary heritage with the world. It all began with a group of Greek food enthusiasts and chefs who believed that the essence of Greek culture could be shared through its distinctive and flavorful cuisine. Inspired by the timeless traditions passed down through generations and the communal spirit of Greek dining, we embarked on a mission to create a platform that transcends geographical boundaries, bringing the warmth and flavors of Greek kitchens to every home. Our journey has been a blend of age-old recipes, heartfelt cooking sessions, and the joy of seeing our members recreate the magic of Greek dishes in their own kitchens. From the rustic charm of Greek taverns to the bustling energy of Athenian markets, our recipes and stories transport you to the heart of Greece, offering not just a taste, but a wholesome experience of what Greek cooking embodies. The camaraderie shared over a Meze spread, the laughter echoing around a table adorned with fresh Tzatziki and Souvlaki, and the satisfaction of a well-cooked homemade meal, embody the spirit of “Cooking with Greek People.” Our platform is a tribute to every grandmother’s kitchen, every seasoned chef’s expertise, and every food lover’s curiosity. As we continue to explore, learn, and share, we invite you to join us in this beautiful expedition, celebrating the essence of Greek cuisine, nurturing a community of like-minded food lovers, and creating memories one recipe at a time.

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Haralambos "Bob" Stavroulakis


In every scoop of Tzatziki, every layer of Moussaka, and every bite of a crispy Spanakopita, lies the soul of Greek cuisine - its ingredients. The simplicity yet profound richness of Greek dishes trace back to the purity and authenticity of the ingredients used. Greek cuisine is a celebration of the land and sea, harnessing the fresh, natural produce and flavors that abound in the Mediterranean region. The heart of many Greek recipes lies in the triumvirate of olive oil, lemon, and oregano, enveloping dishes in a signature zest and aroma. The creamy texture of Greek yogurt, the refreshing crunch of cucumber, the sharp kick of garlic, and the aromatic whisper of dill are the notes that play the melody of Tzatziki, a dip that encapsulates the essence of Greek flavors. Tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, and a plethora of fresh herbs and spices further paint the canvas of Greek culinary artistry, each ingredient telling its own tale, each blend unveiling a narrative of regions, traditions, and the vibrant Greek spirit. The philosophy of using high-quality, fresh ingredients transcends beyond taste, embedding Greek dishes with a nutritional richness that is as wholesome as it is delightful. As we venture into the realm of Greek cooking, understanding and honoring the ingredients is akin to understanding the very ethos of Greek culture. Through "Cooking with Greek People," we aspire to unfold the tales behind these ingredients, guide you on how to source and select the pristine elements, and explore the myriad ways they come together to create dishes that are not merely meals, but experiences that linger on the palate, reverberating the warmth and joy inherent in Greek culinary traditions.

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