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Join us in Episode 19 as we uncover the secrets of Fava in Peristeri, Athens Greece

Featuring guest Efi Dekavalla and musical performance by Christina Apostolopoulos. Restaurant owners in Greece, live stream your local dishes with us!

Peristeri Introduction

Welcome to Episode 19 of our culinary journey, where we dive deep into the heart of Peristeri, Greece, to uncover the secrets of Fava. There’s more to this traditional Greek dish than meets the eye, and we’re here to explore its hidden depths. Thank you, Efi Dekavalla, for joining us to share your expertise. Plus, enjoy a special musical performance by Christina Apostolopoulos!

The Significance of Fava in Greek Cuisine

Fava is more than just a dish; it’s a staple of Greek cuisine with a rich history. Made from yellow split peas, this creamy and flavorful dish is often enjoyed as an appetizer or side dish. The phrase “There is a hole in the Fava” symbolizes that there’s always more beneath the surface, just like this humble yet complex dish.

Episode Highlights

Guest Appearance by Efi Dekavalla Efi Dekavalla, a renowned expert in Greek cuisine, will be unveiling the secrets of making the perfect Fava. Learn the traditional methods and special tips that make this dish so beloved in Greece.

Musical Guest Christina Apostolopoulos Enhancing our culinary exploration, Christina Apostolopoulos will be gracing us with her musical talents. Her performance adds a rich cultural layer to our episode, blending the art of music with the art of cooking.

Live Streaming from Greek Restaurants

We invite restaurant owners from all over Greece to live stream with us and showcase their local dishes. This is an excellent opportunity to bring authentic Greek cuisine into homes worldwide and keep the Greek-American community in Southern California connected to their heritage.

Our Mission

As Greek Americans living in Southern California, our goal is to highlight the rich culinary traditions of Greece and keep our children connected to their cultural roots. By featuring restaurants and dishes from Greece, we aim to preserve and celebrate our heritage.

How You Can Participate

For Viewers Join us live to learn how to make Fava and other traditional Greek dishes. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our channel to stay updated on upcoming episodes.

For Restaurant Owners in Greece If you own a restaurant in Greece, we would love to feature you in our live stream. Share your local dishes with a global audience and help us celebrate Greek cuisine.

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Fava Soup

About Peristeri, Greece

Peristeri, located in the western part of the Athens metropolitan area, is one of Greece’s largest and most vibrant municipalities. Known for its rich history, diverse culture, and bustling urban life, Peristeri offers a unique blend of traditional and modern Greece. The city is a melting pot of historical landmarks, green parks, cultural events, and culinary delights, making it an ideal destination for both locals and visitors.

History and Culture

It’s history dates back to ancient times, with archaeological finds indicating its significance in various historical periods. Today, it is a lively urban center that reflects the dynamic spirit of modern Greece while preserving its cultural heritage. The city hosts numerous cultural events, festivals, and exhibitions throughout the year, celebrating everything from traditional Greek music and dance to contemporary art and theater.

Attractions and Landmarks

It is home to several notable attractions and landmarks. The Grove of Peristeri, a large green space, offers a peaceful retreat for nature lovers and families. The city’s central square, Plateia Dimokratias, is a bustling hub of activity, surrounded by shops, cafes, and restaurants. Historical sites, such as the Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos, provide a glimpse into the area’s rich past.

Culinary Delights

Food is an integral part of life. The city boasts a wide variety of eateries, from traditional tavernas serving authentic Greek dishes to modern restaurants offering international cuisine. Local markets are filled with fresh produce, meats, and seafood, reflecting the Mediterranean diet’s emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Specialties like Fava, Souvlaki, and Gyro are must-tries for anyone visiting the area.


Community and Lifestyle

Peristeri is known for its strong sense of community and vibrant lifestyle. The city’s residents, a mix of young professionals, families, and retirees, enjoy a high quality of life with access to excellent public services, education, and recreational facilities. Community centers and local organizations host various activities and programs, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement among residents.


Connectivity and Accessibility

Peristeri is well-connected to the rest of Athens and beyond. The city is served by multiple metro stations, making it easy to reach the center of Athens and other key destinations. Public transportation, including buses and trams, provides convenient options for getting around. Additionally, Peristeri’s proximity to major highways makes it accessible for those traveling by car.


Peristeri, Greece, is a city that beautifully balances the old and the new. With its rich history, cultural vibrancy, culinary excellence, and strong community spirit, Peristeri is a destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re exploring its historical sites, enjoying its green spaces, or savoring its delicious food, Peristeri invites you to experience the best of Greek urban life.

Episode 19

Episode 19 is a special journey into the heart of Greek cuisine, highlighting the beloved dish Fava. With expert insights from Efi Dekavalla and a captivating musical performance by Christina Apostolopoulos, this episode is a must-watch for anyone passionate about Greek food and culture. Join us as we continue to explore and celebrate the rich culinary traditions of Greece, connecting generations through the love of food.

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